One of our local Sydney clubs VOSTOK have begun to make a resurgence with tournament play featuring in the local volleyball scene and last weekend, a bunch of Freezoners went along to play in the 2nd VOSTOK CUP out at the Australian National Sports Centre in Lakemba.  The tournament was a low key affair with a 6 team pool in the men’s division, playing opposite the women at the 2 court venue.

The team from Freezone made up of

various members from our Wednesday Night Squad training and was a great chance for some of our players to play at a slightly higher and competitive level.  Going with the Russion theme, the Volley Stoli’s played 4 games across the day and took our the bronze medal in the men’s division.  Scott Baker, Jensen Yang, Zara Malakool, Adam Rogers, Laurent Auclair, Louis Eudo, Mark Bennett and Mdm President herself took to the court and played heartily against other local teams.

It was a great chance to bring some of our Squad members together and see how well a team that hasn’t played together, does in a competitive environment.  Even against the heavily powered Vostok team, we held our own.  Adam Rogers and Zara Malakool acquitting themselves most adeptly with some brilliant play and fast quick attacking at the net.  Everyone had a good thrash at the game and some great fun points were had with surprising results for some of us.

It was a really grand and wonderful day that allowed us to put into practice the skills and drills that coach Oscar has been working on with the crew on Wednesday nights.  And of course, the chance to get to hang out and enjoy the event socially – even if it was just on the lawns of Rockdales ample grounds.  The hot dogs were definetly worth it and even the coffee wasn’t bad!

Congratulations Stoli’s and here’s to a few more thumping events of really social volleyball and having a crack.

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