UTS 2010 Social Comp Reminders

posted from UTS Volleyball Social Comp (Gregor)

Happy New Year everyone, Again the UTS comp. is at Capacity this season with 28 teams, I have tried to squeeze in as many games for everyone as possible but please note progression and finals format. Lots of new teams coming on board too so lets make them feel welcome. For the benefit of the new teams please see some of the local rules we have at UTS social comp.

1. No Ball warm up until the buzzer has gone for the end of the previous match, regardless if the match finishes early (please respect you fellow teams on this one).
2. If the ball from your court passes into one of the other courts it is immediately deemed out.
3. We use the new FIVB net touch rule.
4. Please don’t use fill in players from higher grades, and don’t bring in new players for finals.

Also please note there is some Double header matches on week 7.

Other than that please organise payment by the 2nd week (21/01/10).

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