UNITED SUCCESS at Illawarra State Cup

Team UNITED have always been a friendly presence and fantastic team to watch in the local volleyball leagues and even at our own Freezone Tournaments.  Last weekend at the State Cup in Illawarra, a new look UNITED come out with a bronze medal in the Women’s Honours Division.  See report below from Puna Mariri.

UNITED have just started training together as a team in less than 6weeks (6, 2hr sessions to be precise) and the results have improved immensely. Placing 5th in Manly Cup in the month of April to winning Bronze Medal in Woman’s Honors down at Illawarra State Cup over the weekend.

It was a major challenge for the whole team, but UNITED were willing to step up their game and play against players who were almost half their ages…

UNITED placed 1st in their pool and went up to playing in crossovers against UTS on the Sunday. With two players already injured from earlier games on the day and only 7 players on the team, UNITED still pushed through and took the match against UTS to 3 sets. Unfortunately, just losing out on 3rd…

At the Bronze medal match, UNITED went up against NSW U23’s. This is the 3rd time that UNITED has met with these young’uns within a space of 2weeks and knowing all to well that they were a lot younger than the UNITED players and had a lot more explosive energy within them. It was a tough match with big hits and major roofs from both teams and yet again, for the third time playing against each other, UNITED and NSW U23’s took the match to a 3rd set, leading UNITED to victory.
The win was not because of strength and endurance, the win was because we were finally a team, we were UNITED..

Puna Mariri

Team United

Naoko Kojo (Captain)
Noriko Nakanishi
Takae Yasutake
Shino Shiio
Eri Atkinson
Wikyra Schaafhausen
Ngatupuna Mariri

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