The State Squad Term 2 for 2018 has been named and we have a wonderful returning compliment of players rejoining with some new faces coming along as well.

The tryouts were a great affair with some new people coming along and showing their hand for the program.  With only one tryout Coach Marie was really looking to combine people and get them playing alongside each other.  The impressive thing was having a few of our female players coming along for the tryouts – very encouraging for furthering the program into 2019.

The level of volleyball on offer for this, the 3rd term of the State Squad program was a wonderful offering and the focus of the participants as well as the level of volleyball was notably higher, more intense and had a real purpose to it.  With any program it’s important to see it building and growing with participants and skill level and the tryouts are showing that this is the case.

This term the squad is trying something different and going with a full compliment of 18 full players.  The ‘tournament subs’ are still on offer but the increase in participants is to give the squad some real depth and allow Coach Marie to apply a ‘bench’ to the game situation.  This will allow for being able to play the best possible team at any one time and gain a better understanding of specialist positions and optimal fitness of the players over an entire tournament and season.

The program for this year will take in 3 tournaments and 9 weeks of intense training.  New President Mark Bennett is actively supervising proceedings alongside Coach Marie and we are also seeing the introduction of a new assistant coach – Kelly McLeod to the mix.  Kelly will be on hand to assist Head Coach Marie in her duties and tournament responsibilities.

We look forward to seeing what the new squad offers for 2018.

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