State Cup#1 – Central Coast

The SVNSW State Cup Series kicked off recently over the 28th/29th March at Scholastic Sports Stadium, Terrigal with Freezone being represented by FZ Phoenix in Division 2 and coming up trumps with a Gold Medal.

Sporting a somewhat ‘retro’ look with the red and white uniform of old, the boys formed the base from the Spiked Punch team along with a few new recruits of Offie Worarat and Lenos Yiannou. It was a stellar performance over the course of the two days with the lads not dropping a single set to get through to the gold medal playoff on the Sunday. They came up against a very youthful and very invigorated and rather numerous UTS group in Div 2 and acquitted themselves with great aplomb securing a straight sets victory in the final.

Marti Quinit was as effusive as always rallying the team and bringing about the plays as setter and chief cheerleader! Justin St Pierre along with Yiannou dominated the outside and the team had a very strong middle attach with Lionel Petersen and a newly invigorated and return to form Dion Hastie leaping about after his recent injury. The 6 men had no subs to oppose the ‘battalions’ of youth that faced them in the final, but they were comfortable for most of the match, although there were some great hits coming from one or two of the boys on the other side.

It was great to watch Freezone once again holding its own in the State Cup series and making its presence felt. We are proud to be competing in this state competition and promoting our club as a real presence in the SVNSW community, continuing to play and promote our ideals of participation and inclusion, whilst being fabulous within it.  Congratulations to all the boys and we look forward to having more teams participate in the Newcastle State Cup in May.

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