Spring Tournament

We are all getting ready for the biggest Spring Tournament EVER.  For those who haven’t received it, here is the Spring2012-Draw-Sheet

Its an early start so make sure you get there on time for a big day with lots of volleyball.

Tournament Rules
All teams play games in round robin format.
No Substitutions or Time Outs in last 5min of game  (12 sub rule applies/2 time outs allowed per set)
Ladder will be determined by win / draw / loss Win = 2, Draw = 1, Loss = 0
If still unable to separate positions on the ladder a count back of ‘sets won’ will be undertaken
Points for and points against will be compiled and used to determine places where points are still equal
Up to 3 Sets will be played each 45 minutes. Sets scored to 25, 2 points clear to win.
3rd Sets will be played til end of game time. To win the set one team must lead by 2 points, and have scored 13 or more points.
All points are recorded for the purpose of a count back if ladder positions are tied.
Qualifying Finals will be played with ladder positions determined by  points at the end of round robin play.
Game results will determine who referees games in qualifying finals.
Winners of qualifiers will determine who plays off for Gold/Silver and Bronze/4th.
Medal Finals will be played without time limit
Finals will be Best of 3 sets with any 3rd set being played to 15.  Teams changing ends when the one team scores 8 points
It is Freezone’s aim to provide a minimum of 4 games per team, including in some instances a final.
All teams must provide 1st, 2nd Ref, scorer and 2 lines people for base and sideline duty.
Exceptions to any of the above conditions will only be considered if both captains agree and inform the match 1st referee.
FINALS ONLY – The 1st Ref may institute the ‘GOLDEN POINT’ rule if set and point score is level on the siren
GOLDEN POINT RULE – Coin toss – winner choses serve or receive, loser chooses end.
To be eligible for Cash Prize – teams must have two female players on court, during all points of every set/match
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