Spring Tournament with a Difference!

Working with Volleball NSW and several other Sydney based clubs; Freeezone is actively encouraging greater participation of females in our events. Yes! It is POSITIVE discrimination; but in the nicest possible way; inclusion for all and those who can field mixed teams have the potential for cash prizes.

1.   Teams which finish 1st and 2nd qualify for cash back incentives
2.  Best Uniform – innovative, funny, coordinated and based on a common theme

Here are some important changes to rules of the tournament for year 2012 (for those who came to Sunday Training today and grabbed a registration form, there are changes to some rules):
  • to encourage participation of female volleyball players, we are offering a cash prize for winning AND runner-up teams (in ALL A, B, and C Divisions) that have a minimum of 2 female players AND keeps 2 female players on court at all times (this is especially important for teams that wish to use 1 of their 2 only female players as a libero). There must be 2 female players on court, not benched, AT ALL TIMES (unless they suffer from an injury during the tournament and cannot participate further).
  • Teams with less than 2 female players can compete and will receive medals as per normal, but will not receive a cash bonus in the case that they come 1st or 2nd in their division.
  • For every missing female player (minimum is 2 per team), a male must cross-dress by wearing a bra and wig at least. (i.e. if your team only has 1 female player, you must nominate 1 guy to cross-dress, and in the case that you have no female players, 2 guys must cross-dress). Either way, such teams are not eligible for the cash prize. There are no restrictions on how these ‘special’ guys can play on court.
  • There is a prize for the team with the best uniform in the whole tournament (to be judged by the tournament committee). ‘Best’ defined here as the most innovative, funny and well coordinated based on a common theme.

Download and complete a registration form here, complete your EFT payment and email your payment confirmation and registration form to our Teams Coordinator

On behalf of the Executive Committee,

Wally, Amit and Boris.

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1 Response to Spring Tournament with a Difference!

  1. Webmaster says:

    Plenty of registrations are coming in. We have representatives from Adelaide, Melbourne Spikers, and at least 5 Sydney basin clubs. If you are want to secure your place; please get on line and complete your registration form and payment today. ALL available spaces in all divisions will be completely full prior to the end of the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL deal on offer.
    Please don’t miss out, ensure you have your registration confirmed by the Teams Coordinator, Julias Grant [teams@freezonevolleyball.org] If you have not received a confirmation email, please let Julias know asap.

    Do you have contacts, goods, services or gifts that may be used as prizes or items for our raffle? Please let Ms Social know: social@freezonevolleyball.org
    1. Size DOESN’T matter. We value all gifts and will recognise all those who provide items.
    2. Interstate teams may not be able to use day spa or event vouchers, therefore a wide range of goods and services is being sought
    3. Please don’t wait til the last minute, preparation of a Raffle and prizes takes time and effort. The sooner we have prizes the better.

    Ethan Carter can be contacted on 0424 150 380

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