Spring Tournament Report

Thank you for participating in Freezone’s Spring Tournament 2013 and a big pat on the back to all our medalists, MVPs, and prize winners. The tournament was a huge success with 25 teams competing in both Men’s and Mixed divisions. The level of sportsmanship was high; there were a lot serious volleyball today; scores of most games were very tight and while the tournament was very competitive, the atmosphere remained friendly and positive. This is also our first tournament that went from start to finish without any injuries!

We also appreciate the boys and girls from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra for travelling to Sydney to play in our tournament. On behave of Freezone and the tournament committee, I would like to congratulate you all; it was a pleasure hosting this event and having you guys.

A huge thank you to our tournament committee: Bob Konakoff (tournament director and chief referee); Billy Kennedy (master scorer); Miranda Mao (assistant scorer); Amit Lie (general assistant) and John Dixon (food preparation). They worked tirelessly throughout the day to ensure the venue was setup properly; all matches went smoothly; kept accurate records of collated scores and refreshments and lunch were catered promptly. I would also like to thank my Freezone club committee team: Peter Furness (venue coordinator) who transported all of the equipment that was needed and gave me a huge hand me in preparing for this competition; Julias Grant (teams coordinator) who ordered the food and James Cai (treasurer) for keeping track of team registration fees and budgeting. The tournament simply could not have happened without their hard work.

And here are the results:

GOLD: Mz Thailand      (Freezone Volleyball)
BRONZE: EWOKS        (Mixed)
4th: Ms World               (Freezone Volleyball)
5th Fight 4 Rice             (Mixed)

GOLD: Ohana               (Mixed) Eligible for cash prize! 🙂
SILVER: Oppai             (Mixed) Eligible for cash prize! 🙂
BRONZE: Dong & Co.    (UNSW)
4th: Bounce                  (Manly Warringah Volleyball)
5th: SCV Pumas           (Sydney South Community Volleyball)
6th: Studs                     (Freezone Volleyball)

GOLD: SCV Pumas      (Sydney South Community Volleyball)
SILVER: Spikedpunch   (Freezone Volleyball)
BRONZE: Phoenix         (Freezone Volleyball)
4th: Bounce                  (Manly Warringah Volleyball)

GOLD: BHV Bisons                  (Baulkham Hills Volleyball) Eligible for cash prize! 🙂
SILVER: Dig, Set, Scream!        (UNSW) Eligible for cash prize! 🙂
BRONZE: Vertically Challenged  (Freezone Volleyball)
4th: The Minions                        (Mixed)
5th: Ballz on Fire                       (Melbourne Spikers)
6th: QF Rockets                        (QANTAS)

GOLD: QF Sonics                      (QANTAS)
SILVER: Radelaide International  (Adelaide Spikers)
BRONZE: ASS White                  (Freezone Volleyball)
4th: The Dead Celebrities             (Freezone Volleyball) WINNER OF BEST DRESS AWARD

**** For those mixed teams that are eligible for the cash prize (noted next to your results), please send an email to James Cai on Treasurer@freezonevolleyball.org to arrange payment 🙂 !!! *****

Congratulations to the following winners of Most Valued Players Award:

MENS A GRADE: Masa Imanari (Mz Thailand)
MENS BB GRADE: Daniel (SCV Pumas)
MIXED B GRADE: Stuart Mackay (BHV Bisons)
MENS B GRADE: Rafael Aiola (ASS White)

Again, a big thank you to everyone for supporting Freezone by being part of Spring Tournament 2013. I hope everyone had a great time and hope to see you all back next year at our Mardi Gras Tournament 2014 (late February; exact date to be confirmed) and Spring Tournament 2014 (late September – exact date to be confirmed). If you have any comments or feedback (both positive and negative) on our tournament, I would love to hear them since that’s how we improve next time.

Have a well deserved rest and see you again soon!

Kind regards
Boris To

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  1. Venue Coordinator says:

    Many thanks to all the people who volunteered their effort and time such as Offie for the medals, Fiat for the fruit, and Ethan for the raffle prizes he sourced. fFor all the crew that helped set up the nets with Bob in the morning – a HUGE THANK YOU. The day ran SO SMOOTHLY and the entire committee were seen to be actually smiling well past midday. Many hands make light work and this was a great day because of the generosity of those willing to help. SO APPRECIATED!

    As always, many thanks to our SPONSORS – Andrew Christian Leisurewear, Mecca Coffee, Sydney Bodywork and our primary sponsor ACON who have supported us in this tournament with donations, prizes and financial support.

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