Red Ribbon Day

Sat 14th November saw some of the club members helping out with our primary sponsor ACON, in preparation for their upcoming RED RIBBON DAY for World Aids Day on Dec 1st.  The crew decided on an afternoon shift to head on down to Acon House and sit around making the ribbons for Dec 1st.  It was a little bit like an old ladies knitting circle, complete with iced VoVo’s and Mint Slices on the tables.  The crew was a friendly collection of volunteers and even some of the other sporting clubs came along to help.  We were hosted by the wonderful Maria Christodoulou and the crew from ACON, complete with Trivia Goddess Naomi Palmer leading the entertainment as we cut, folded and pinned our way to over 10,000 ribbons ready to sell for Dec 1st.

The club presence was wonderful to see and the appreciation from ACON was evident.  Thanks to our small crew and to the Freezone Board for providing much needed refreshments afterwards for a hard afternoon of craft extravaganza!  Thanks to Scott, Cameron, Anthony, Louis, Laurent, Stuart and Ricardo for your support and for supporting our primary sponsor for their major fundraising drive for the year.  

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