Nominations for Presentation 2010

Presentation Awards Night 2010.

Awards were presented at the Motown Xmas Party.

2010 Presidents Wrap

A Gay Games year is always a giant task for the committee and players. Tournaments, events around Australia, Fund Raising and Social Activities have come together in a very hectic, successful year.

Freezone has operated successfully financially – with the amazing support in cash and in kind of our major sponsors; ACON, SSO and H Tran and Partners.

Cash and training benefits to members this year amount to $2,000 in coaching services and about the same in $2,000 in financial assistance to teams travelling to tournaments in Adelaide, Melbourne and Cologne. Additional support has been provided in kind by our Media Partner, SSO and by TriSkills in the provision of vehicles in Adelaide and Canberra.

The Committee wants everyone to know that we want more people training, playing and socializing in 2011, starting with a beach day on Jan 2nd at Maroubra Beach.

It is my privilege on behalf of the members and committee to present awards to our rising stars, Freezoners extraordinaire, and to honour the service provided to the club by individual members.

2010 Most Improved – Matthew Park

Matt began shyly, but has totally immersed himself in his new sport. Some would even say he is almost drowning in it. Congratulations on the sensational way you have picked up skills and given volleyball your all.

2010 Best New Member – Benoit Jutras

Benoit just appeared out of nowhere – and he has been at every club event since. Thank you for the joy the speed and excitement you have brought to the club.

2010 Best Freezoner – Yumi Pham Vu

Yumi has only missed one committee meeting in 2 years, has played beach, social and tournaments, being a shining example of what it means to be a team captain and leader. The whole club honours your service and values your ongoing support.

2010 Members Award – Peter Furness

Members wanted him to be awarded Best Freezoner, he said that would not ‘be proper – or look good.’ I agreed. Since then I have had 5 individual Emails and a phone call asking confirmation that Peter was being honoured for his dedication and hard work.

He is always there, volleyball, our community and teams are better off because of Peter’s involvement, input and amazing talents; this is for fundraising, hardwork, social outings, on-court playing here and in Cologne, venue coordination and the best point on the court.

2010 President’s Award – Shared by Tian Liu and Kelvin Bi

Most Improved and Always Involved. I have really appreciated the support, critique and positive input from these two.

2010 Happy Vegemite Award – Kristian Kuelle

How enjoyable it is to have a happy, fun loving German involved in the club. Even when he has been sidelined by injury or unable to play in a tournament, he has been there; Cologne and in Homebush. We love having you as a part of the Freezone community.

2010 Best Dressed – Mark Bennett

Themed parties are both a pain and great fun. Congratulations to all our well heeled Motowners, winner of the Best Dressed is the standout of a very hard to choose from Crowd. I think it was the combination of Roadworker luminescent yellow set behind a multi-layered, eye catching bold striped suit that did it Mark!

2010 Life Membership Award – Julias Grant

Julias has been a member of Freezone since 1995. An accomplished sportsman in several fields including tennis and table tennis; he joined the volleyball ranks in time to play in the Amsterdam (1998) and Sydney (2002) Gay Games. Julias is a man of honour, respected by all in the club

Julias has been a constant presence since I joined the club in 2001. We have played on the same team. We have discussed issues on which we disagree, worked late into the night to redo draws for tournaments and even have stolen players from each other’s teams to fill gaps for tournaments.

Julias was the club’s first new member Welcomer when on the Committee, assisting to change Freezone’s image  from a ‘clicky group of sports people’ to one of the friendliest, and most welcoming clubs in Team Sydney. He was also a driving force to obtain professional coaching services for members, achieved in 2010 with the assistance of a sponsor.

Julias works long hours, yet ensures that he is free to play at tournaments. He is the first to take new attendees and include them in his team, ensuring that no one is left out. He has constantly provided proposals for the committee to consider, taking an active part at times and accepting the decisions whether favourable or unfavourable, with grace and dignity, promoting matters agreed to by the Committee.

He believes in others. He supports people of all races, abilities and outlooks to enjoy the sport he loves. Countless people have played a season, a full year or beyond with Julias in Free Spirit. The team boasts multiple successes, even without making finals or achieving gold, always purporting enjoyment as the primary focus.

The spirit of Julias as a Captain exemplifies the very best of what a good sports person is. Julias has stood aside in finals to allow another player to set, saying, ‘He is much better than me, the team will perform better without me on the court.’

This may be true for your team Julias, but Freezone Volleyball is deeply indebted to you for your support, tireless diligence and enthusiasm. We are a better club, have better teams, enjoy gathering new players because of your hard work, skill development and beautiful nature.

We do not award Life Membership lightly, so you join a very select group: Dan Grossi, Barry Webb and Khit Jartnoi; two who were Amsterdam Gay Games Team Members in 1998.

The members of Free Spirit past and present and the members of Freezone Volleyball Club and its Committee of Management honour you with Life Membership of the Club.


Wally Salinger

President, representing the Committee and Members
December 2010

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