On September 9th, the Freezone AGM was held and saw a new committee elected to lead Freezone Volleyball to 2020 and beyond.

It was a well populated affair with 2 Life Members in attendance as well as some new and fresh faces on the floor.  The Presidents Report was submitted by Mdm President, Peter Furness in his final report as President.  The report outlines a highly successful year for Freezone with 3 tiered training programs, securing new venues for 2019, a healthy representation of teams across multiple events and a continuing and growing relationship with our primary sponsor as well as growing the sponsorship portfolio to include local business’.  A growing membership has maxed out again this year and the club stands to solidly continue to grow and offer diverse programs in the coming year.

Treasurer Rafael Montellanos presented his final financial report as Treasurer as after 3 years, he will not be re-nominating for the coming year.  The fiscal health of the club is back to a solid performance with a consistent growth and financial standing for the 2018FY showing a secure platform for the financial operations of the club with the club giving significant increases in social activities and sponsorship funding of players unrivalled in the previous years of the club.

Nominations were called for all board positions and for the first time in possibly 12 years, there were multiple nominations from the floor with a ‘vote’ having to be held to secure new positions.  This was a new occurence and the Chairperson was ‘shocked’ and a little perplexed as to exactly what had to be done.  However it was wonderful to have so many people putting their hands up for Committee positions including a new position being created – that being Vice President.

At the conclusion of the event, a new President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Venue Co-Ordinator, Teams Co-ordinator and Community Officer were all nominated as well as returning members from 2018 in the Events and Sponsorship roles.

  • President:  Mark Bennett
  • Vice President:  Stuart Mackay
  • Secretary:  Laura Barkly
  • Treasurer:  Andrew Wilmot
  • Sponsorship Officer:  Anderson Vago
  • Teams Co-ordinator:  Fernando Araujo
  • Venue Co-ordinator:  Felix Eistrup-Santos
  • Events Co-ordinator:  Louis Eudo
  • Community Officer:  Jeffrey Montellanos

We wish the new committee well and would like to thank those departing the committee for their hard years of work and commitment in the Executive Roles.

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