Player Code of Conduct


Freezone Volleyball Club Inc (FVC) provides a safe and friendly environment for the LGBTIQ community and their friends to learn develop and play volleyball. I understand that the primary focus of the club is outlined in the FVC Constitution, as posted on the FVC website which focuses on participation, inclusion and personal best.

I will welcome new players and assist the development of their skills and include them in teams and social events. I will abide by the policies which guide and govern the club, its teams and its members. Refer: > About Us > Management

I will ensure the safety of the playing arena and support safe playing environment practices as well as assisting with setting up and dismantling of equipment as is needed.

I will commit to always conducting an attitude that encourages participation by all, sportsmanship and teamwork. I understand that the coaches or venue supervisor / tournament manager make their decisions in the best interest of the club and they have the right to make the final decision on all playing time. I will support their decision. If I am concerned about playing time and skill development, I will communicate directly with a committee member or appointed official.

When playing in a team, I will commit to practice for tournaments and work towards my team’s development and success. I aim to always be courteous and respectful to all coaches, teammates, competitors, referees, and to the facilities I am playing in, demonstrating good sportsmanship and being a positive role model.

I will commit to not using any inappropriate language, statements or gestures at any time while representing FVC. I will dress appropriately, in the team uniform, for all tournaments. It is my goal to demonstrate good will and tolerance to all players, providing avenues for players to be themselves as proud members of our community.

I understand that disciplinary action may be taken by the Committee of Management of FVC for breaches of the players’ code of conduct or the FVC Constitution. This policy and the Grievance Resolution Policy are available on the Freezone Website for your education and understanding.