Melbourne Spikers Winter Whack

It was a bitterly cold day in Melbourne on July 8th as Freezone fielded two teams in the annual Melbourne Spikers Winter Whack at the Oakleigh Recreational Centre.  The annual tounament was delayed a little from previous years after the calendar clashes with the supposed Miami Outgames which were so unceremoniously cancelled and hence rescued by Freezone/Melbourne Spikers in early June.

So it was really lovely to just turn up and play in this tournament and know that the crew was going to ensure another great day was going to happen.  The committee of Melbourne Spikers did a marvellous job as always and this time achieved their event despite the President Sebba Delfino swanning it around in Europe!

A rogue team of Freezoners teamed up under the leadership of Scott Baker and placed the ‘Blokes Who Brunch’ team in the B division.  It was a little bit of a ‘sandbag’ for our team but that didn’t stop the crew from not having to work their way to the final in the B grade.  And what a final – it didn’t disappoint with the game lasting the longest out of all the games with a massive 40-38 2nd set with the Brunchers having to win the set to stay in the match after dropping the first set 25-21.  It was a heavy hitout on the 3rd set with Rafael Montellanos having to work his little latino lunchbox to the max, putting an offense together. In the end the BWB crew emerged triumphant to the absolute relief of the organisers who were all very interested in getting out of the gym and into the presentation venue.

It was especially gratifying that Rafael Montellanos received MVP for the day in B grade for his crazy antics and on court drive.  A wonderful tournament and day was had by all and Freezone once again had a brilliant time down south enjoying the hospitality of our sister club.   Congratulations Melbourne Spikers and looking forawrd

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