Mardi Gras Tournament Wrap Up

Once again, on behalf of Freezone, I would like to thank you all for supporting the club by participating in our 2014 Mardi Gras Tournament. It was a smashing success with 26 teams and an excellent variety of teams from all over Australia. I would like to extend my special thanks to Manly Warringah Volleyball, UNSW, Sydney North Volleyball, Sydney South Community Volleyball, Baulkham Hills Volleyball and QANTAS as well as interstate clubs such as Adelaide Spikers and Melbourne Spikers for their continuous support. It was also a great pleasure to have Oppai, ASIMS, Ohana, Bevan’s and Heidi‘s team returning to our events. We also hope that new teams such as Vostok have enjoyed the tournament as much as we enjoyed having them.

Mardi Gras 2014 was also a unique tournament in that, for the first time in the history of FZ events, the number of mixed teams surpassed that of the Men’s. Although it was unfortunate that we did not receive enough registrations to create a women’s division, the sheer number of mixed teams demonstrated the excellent enthuiasm and participation of female players in volleyball. It is my hope that our tournaments in the near future will see Women’s divisions.

I would also like to acknowledge Bob Konokoff, tournament director, for ensuring the tournament ran smoothly; Anani and Sury for undertaking the stressful and hectic task of mastescoring; and Raymond, Bo and Amit for their general assistance, serving fruits and preparing lunch. Also, huge thanks to Raymond for taking brilliant photos for us, Julias for ordering sandwiches and Jo for his excellent Thai dishes which I am sure everyone quickly devoured. Freezone also thanks Stuart Mackay for his generous donation of amazing first and second raffle prizes; Offie for ordering the beautiful medals; and San for donating heaps of fantastic prizes for the raffle. Last but not least, I also want to personally thank my committee: Peter Furness for preparing and lugging all of our equipment to the venue and James Cai for budgeting and looking after team registration payments.

As I mentioned before, we tried to use a draw format for pooled divisions that was different to our previous one (i.e. to have ranked 1st of one pool to play against ranked 2nd of the other and have ranked 3rd of one pool to play against ranked 3rd of the other during cross-overs). We would like to hear how teams feel about it. Of course, we would love to have any other feedback asw well- whether it be positive or negative.

Freezone also appreciates the effort of all those teams that came in dressed up such as Alice in Volleyland, Freespirit and Spaghetti. After some debate, the tournament committee decided to award the Best Dressed Prize to Alice in Volleyland for their amazing cosplay outfit. Congratulations!

Also, congratulations to all teams for making it through the extremely long, muggy day and especially to those medal winning teams. (All gold medalist teams in mixed divisions are eligible for the cash prize and an email prompting the captin/team organiser for bank account details will be sent soon.) The level of enthusiasm and sportsmanship were superb. Many matches throughout the day were extremely close and all teams played very well. Well done also to all MVP award winners.

Men’s A Grade

Gold: VOSTOK                        (Vostok)
Silver:     BHV ASIMS                    (ASIMS)
Bronze:   MISS INTERNATIONAL   (Freezone)
4th:          MISS WORLD                 (Freezone)
5th:          SPIKEDPUNCH               (Freezone)
6th:          BHV COLTS                    (BHV)

MVP: Craig Lowe (Vostok)

Men’s B Grade

Gold:       DIGGEROO                          (SCV)
Silver:     FREESPIRIT                         (ASIMS)
Bronze:   QANTAS SONICS                 (QANTAS)
4th:          ITCHY BITCHY                      (Melbourne Spikers + Freezone)
5th:          NEVERSAYNOTOPANDAS   (Freezone)
6th:          BALLS UP                            (Adelaide Spikers + Freezone)

MVP:      Mark Bennett (Neversaynotopanda)

Mixed A Grade

Gold:       BHV BISONS                        (BHV)
Silver:     OPPAI                                  (Mixed)
Bronze:   SPIKAHOLICS                      (UNSW)
4th:          OHANA                                (Mixed)

MVP:      Joanne (BHV Bisons)

Mixed B Grade

Gold:       BANANAS                            (SNV)
Silver:     SPAGHETTI                         (UNSW)
Bronze:   ZEPHYRS                             (Freezone)
4th:          BOUNCE                             (MWV)
5th:          ROADTRIP                          (SNV)
6th:          SKITTLES                           (UNSW)

MVP:      Stephen Dong (Skittles)

Mixed C Grade

Gold:       SUGAR & SPIKES               (Mixed)
Silver:     ALICE & VOLLEYLAND        (Mixed)
Bronze:   QANTAS ROCKETS             (Freezone)
4th:          HIT THAT                            (MWV)

MVP:      Jason Tang (Sugar & Spikes)

Regretably, this will be my last time organising Freezone’s tournament as I will be relocating to Melbourne for work at the end of the month. My term as president of Freezone Volleyball will also terminate at the end of this financial year in July. Despite moments of stress, I have thoroughly enjoyed leading the organisation of Freezone tournaments over the past 2 years. Through these fantastic experiences, I have got to know a lot of great people and consider many of you as friends and I would love to keep in contact with you. I will most likely still be helping Freezone out with their tournaments, but my role will be substantially decreased. Nevertheless, I hope that you will continue to support Freezone’s tournament as the quality of our tournaments will continue to improve and expand.

Pease note that Freezone’s next tournament will be held in September and a reminder with registration forms will be sent to you closer to the tournament date.

Again, thank you all for supporting Freezone. Best wishes and we are looking forward to your return to our Spring Tournament 2014 in September! 🙂

Boris To

President – Freezone Volleyball

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