Mardi Gras Mixer 2017

Another huge day for Freezone last Saturday as we hosted the annual Mardi Gras Mixer at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Halls across 9 courts of play and a full day of frantic volleyball action.  The event was hugely popular with 34 teams across 5 divisions and a full compliment of all levels of play and some brilliant volleyball on offer.

The Sports Halls Venue as always allows us to do our full catastrophe of organisational skill with catering, sound systems and, raffles and costumes all on offer from 9am – 6:30pm into the evening.  Its never a dull moment in the day and there were some very ‘special’ sights on offer as everyone got into the Mardi Gras Spirit.

With so many games on the cards, it was wonderful to have a supporting crew behind the desk with our committee members Louis Eudo and Rafael Montellanos giving their time and energy throughout the day.  The whole committee was active in running the events and we would like to make special mention to Stuart Mackay and Andrew Harris (along with the entire Pistons Crew) who helped with the lunch service, Jeffrey So for organising the Raffle prizes along with Mark Bennett and Offie Worarat for taking charge of the tickets.  As always the ever endearing Somkhit Jartnoi was out in force with the fruits and assisting with the lunch service as well.

Congratulations to all the teams for competing in a hectic schedule that had nearly everyone playing 5 games throughout the day.  It was very busy with duties and cross court play for 9 hours.  So gladly, everyone had had enough volleyball by the end of the tournament.

Our list below lists our winners and MVP’s.  We look forward to having all our supporters back in October for our annual Spring Fling at Netball Central.


Men’s A Grade
Gold:   Miss Thailand
Silver:   Acers Emerald
Bronze:   Spiked Punch
MVP:  Marie Skelton
Men’s B Grade
Gold:   MFS Pugs
Silver:  Acers
Bronze:   FZ Hornets
MVP:  Fabian Ma
Women’s Grade
Gold:   Acers
Silver:   ASIMS
Bronze:   Outsiders
MVP:   Ella Collins
Mixed A Grade
Gold:   Squish
Silver:   MFS
Bronze:   Hot Beaches
MVP:   Andrew Ko
Mixed B Grade
Gold:   Gundam
Silver:   Meerkats
Bronze:  QF Sonics
MVP:   Tommy Yap
Recreational Grade
Gold:  Yum Cha
Silver:   Acers Opal
Bronze:  Ball Busters
MVP:   Peter McCurdy
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