Happy New Year

Following a wonderfully successful picnic with the ‘Bra Boys playing volleyball and soccer on their hallowed beaches, sports people from RAMS bowling, Rangers Football, Frontrunners, Sydney Shuttles Badminton, Outfielders Softball joined Freezoners on a miserable drizzly day for the annual New Year Picnic.

Camaraderie between sports people from all clubs has generated a strong desire to ‘do it again soon’ and try to join in activities where the like minded are able to talk, play and remain active.

Special thanks to the Team Sydney Sports Council Reps for relaying information to their members, and partners / friends who made the day so enjoyable.

Training is on this week – Sydney Boys High School – 3 – 6 pm Sunday January 10th, 2010.

Please have answers to the following 4 questions ready on the day:
1. Have your completed 2010 membership form ready (download, complete and sign both pages) What shirt size are you?
2. Have you got a team for the Melbourne Summer Slam on January 23rd? We need an additional 6 players to fill our 4 teams: please email teams.freezone@yahoo.com.au and let Boris assist you into a team.
3. Have you completed your registration online for the Cologne Gay Games July 31 – Aug 7th, 2010? We are trying to send 3 teams of 8. We have 3 players seeking a mixed or recreational team already.
4. Are you interested in professional coaching on Sundays, costing an additional $5 per player? Details to be provided on Sunday for open discussion. If you wish to make suggestions please email president.freezone@yahoo.com.au

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2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Peter says:

    Wally I can’t seem to respond to the Sunday Training commnets, so am using this one.

    Thought maybe we need to put a section up about the proposed Sunday Training issues that are going to be up for discussion. Mainly:

    1. professional coaching for extra $5
    2. comments on mens height for Court 3 being permanent
    3. indication of those for Gay Games – database and further training??

    Just thinking ahead.

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