Gay Games Update

Grüβe aus Köln {GREETINGS FROM COLOGNE!} RESULTS BELOW (scroll down to end of post)

Well the Gay Games VIII have begun here in Cologne and we are having a bit of a ball here in Germany! The opening ceremony was a hoot with the STUDS strutting their stuff in Team Sydney shirts with our own fabulous black leather shorts to go with the German theme!   It was wonderful to stand in the throng of athletes at the marshalling area and see so many yellow and gold t-shirts parading around.   Everywhere we went people were happily shouting out “AUSTRALIA and SYDNEY” and we gave them plenty to cheer about. The friendliness of the games is apparent right from the outset as athletes from all over the globe come together across many different disciplines to compete in a really friendly environment!   Walking around the city with your registration tag out gets you not only free public transport, but smiles and Hallo’s galore.   It’s such a warm feeling!

There has not been a lot of time for relaxing or perusing the city as it was straight into play for the first day immediately following the Opening Ceremony!   As some of us managed to get to Cologne directly, others went via other more circuitous routes (Munich).   The STUDS kicked off their campaign and some of us felt that we were still very much in Munich and that we hadn’t quite caught up with our bodies on the volleyball court in Cologne. We managed to pull it together and by our last game of the day, hit our strides and completed a strong performance. After two days of competition this seems to be our modus operandi, as the same occured on day 2 – with two nervous matches to start, we hit a relaxed pace after a good lunch and made our way through to Position 14 after the Pool Play. It could be that perhaps some of us need to start taking our eyes off the players opposite the net or umpiring us and focus more on our court – but then what are the Gay Games about if not friendly competition!

Tuesday is our day of rest for the competition and the Elimination round begins on Wednesday! With our restless evenings of 2-3 hours sleep behind us and most of us now settling into normal sleep patterns, I am sure that we will start to feel more relaxed and assured on the court come 11:15 Wednesday morning.

We have a rather fabulous Cheer Squad with us here in Cologne which is only going to get better with more arrivals from Sydney and beyond, so we hope that we can provide lots of impressive play to get our supporters loud and wild with enthusiasm. We certainly hope to be competitive over the next 3 days!

Hoping all are well back home and watch this space for further updates.

Tchüβ from Köln!

Results from Day 1
Studs vs High Class (NYC)
Draw 1-1 (23/25 25/21)

Studs vs Missi Sippies (GER)
Draw 1-1 (25/20 11/25)

Studs def No Name (FRA)
2-0 (25/18 25/22)

Results from Day 2
Houston Hussle (USA) def Studs
2-0 (26/24 25/15)

Studs vs BGS Connection (BEL)
Draw 1-1 (25/23 19/23)

Studs def Conterpied Gaul Celtiques (FRA)
2-0 (25/18 25/21)

Results from Elimination Round Wed. Aug 4th
Tainos (Peurto Rica) def Studs
2-0  (25/12, 25/14)

Studs def Piadina (ITL)
2-1 (23/25, 25/14, 16/14)

UPDATE: 5/8/2010, 22.00

Studs def BGS Connection (BEL)
2-1 (25/21, 18/25, 15/4)

Great performance by Wazza in the 1st set and from James in next 2; NEXT UP: It’s those Houston Hussies  AGAIN!

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4 Responses to Gay Games Update

  1. Albert K, says:

    Hello every one , glad you are all well; results of volleyball games are ok ; and looks like you can make it better;
    love you heeps,
    albert K,

  2. Mitzy says:

    Hi Studs
    Thanks for the update. Peter, I enjoyed reading your email. I could not stop laughing!
    Glad you all made it there safe and sound, and enjoying the Games. Keep up the good play.

    Hugzz and kizzez

  3. Webmaster says:

    Maches gut ihr lieben!

    Sounds like you are having just a little too much fun, and there are lots of distractions… how wonderful is that!

    Remember sports people who are sex starved are just that little bit keener to win!

    Hugs from down-under!


  4. julias says:

    hi there ‘the Studs’ !

    Ich gratuliere dich ! Vielen dank ! Alles gut ?
    Yep, the most important thing is all of you do get there, sound and kicking !
    Enjoying the atmosphere of the opening ceremony and the people and everyone else there in a city which acclaim that homosexuals do count as persons.
    No wonder that gave you guys some euphoria 😀
    Proud enough that even with lack of sleep and different kind of food you have to encounter, the Studs could still get good results on court ….. and outside court, either cheering or flirting would be things you shouldn’t resist to give a go and get even better results !
    It doesn’t seem that there will teams be bump up or down like what happened in Chicago before Wednesday Elimination, I suppose ?
    Let us know also what’s happening in the evenings, do athletes and cultural participants have a hub to hang out and have a drink like in ‘Friendship Village’ in Amsterdam ?
    OK, balance your stamina and your ‘having fun’ at least 40 : 60 although it will be easier said than done 🙂

    Tschuss und ein Prossit ! Julias

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