The Freezone State Squad launched in September 2017. The Squad has its origins in 2012 when Freezone first began its series of ‘State Squad Sessions’ with a qualified coach in an attempt to break into the Div 2 level of State Cup Play.  This catered for players who wanted to train together as a group and push themselves to play at a higher level.

In 2017, the club moved to a new format of training with a new head coach and ‘representative ethos’ to play at the Div 1 level and via a selection process, picking our top players to train together as a true squad with 2 teams representing the club at the State level.  This new initiative for the club is in place to encourage a high level of competition, training and play for members.

In 2019 the State Squad will be expanding its profile to include year long training with 3 seasons on offer.  Seasons 1&2 will offer 4 tournaments and a full program whereas the Mid Term season will offer a lighter schedule focussing on training and development with 2 tournaments.

2019 also sees the State Squad expanding to form our first Women’s Squad team.  This will be trialled in March to ascertain interest and develop a team to move into the Div1/2 level of State Cup play.

 Our head coach selects individuals from trails held at the beginning of each season creating a squad who train together weekly at an advanced level, pushing individual skills as well as harnessing a supported team environment.

To gain entry into the squad, you must attend the try-outs at the commencement of each term and be selected by the Head Coach.

Non members of Freezone can apply to be selected with the Squad at our selection trials but must become financial members if they are selected.

The Squad has a Head Coach, an Assistant Coach and Administrator who facilitates entries, tournaments, travel and needs of the players and team.

Squad members pay an extra fee to be part of this initiative and all members must be registered Freezone Members.

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