Freezone Launches State Squad

Freezone Volleyball is very happy to be announcing a new initiative for 2017 in the form of an advanced new representative squad that will compete at the Div 1 Level of State Cup and Volleyball Australia Tournaments throughout the country.  This new squad will see the appointment of a new Head Coach – Marie Skelton.

The mission of the new squad will be:

  • Identifying and developing talent within the club whilst providing an onward developmental progression for players who want to compete at the higher Division 1 level of State Cup competitions and beyond.
  • To harness the potential of players who desire a higher competitive experience.
  • To provide a recruitment for players who are seeking a competitive level of training and give a greater level of volleyball experience within a supported and managed team environment.
  • A squad to represent the club at a State level, creating a supported team environment.

This new direction for the club will be directed by the Committee alongside our head coach and our first trial term will begin in September 20th and will run for approximately 10 weeks as a trial to ascertain the interest and whether the club can support such a new initiative.  Trials will be conducted across 2 sessions to maximise the selection and from these trials a squad of 2 teams will be selected.

Coach Marie says she is excited to be taking the club in a new direction.  “Freezone has the capacity to compete at the medal level of play in Division 1 and there is so much talent within the ranks of the club.  We have always operated as groups of friends playing together and this will still be the focus of Freezone but this new intiative will be about taking players with that raw potential and talent and developing that further at a competitive level to enable development beyond the social level of play”.  

Anyone wishing to trial is allowed to attend the sessions in late September but all selected participants must be Freezone Members. The club will be funding much of this new program and is breaking new ground as we begin to develop our internal coaching talent as well with assistant coaches and staff employed to assist with the new program.

Stay tuned for more news of our new squad and this new direction for the club.


For more information visit:

Freezone State Cup Squad

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