Freezone Fun at Fair Day

2010 Fair Day was a huge success for Freezone Volleyball Club with over 200 new expressions of interest from visiting players and interested people. A splendiferous day of meet and greet with various lads and ladettes, saw a lot of interest generated including some well developed camaraderie with other sporting clubs.

The heat of the day meant that our volleyball display game saw a few newcomers join in for the briefest of moments before they all got too hot and sweaty and had to retire in the shade of a tree or umbrella. But thankfully we helped get awareness of the club out and into the consciousness of our community.

Unfortunately our Tug Of War entry was sadly absent which is a shame as we were due to ‘pull against’ the Sydney Stingers in all their topless hirsuite glory. As official adjudicator I was almost tempted to go solo against these boys but was already hoarse from keeping 14+ straining, muscular men at bay!!!!!!

There will be lots of new people coming along from the Fair Day Recruitment over the next few weeks so we expect Sunday Training to be filled with lots of fresh and new faces, eager to try their hand in the club. Also some old ones may be returning as well to reclaim forgotten prowess on the courts!

Keep an eye out for the fundraising activities for the Gay Games in Aug 2010! There will be fundraising events organised not only by our own team “Safe Sets Studs”, but we will also be doing out best to support some of our sister clubs in their push for raising money to represent Sydney in Cologne, Germany.

WATCH THIS SPACE as we will be letting you know about all that is coming up in the next few months – keep your diaries READY!

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  1. Wally says:

    Thanks Pete and Yumi, leading a team of many to make our presence felt and get the sport we love into the wider community. Thank God it was hot; made the crowds bigger than ever.
    Training next week will be packed, please make it your special goal to locate newbies and make them welcome.

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