Freezone Awards for 2013

Last Sunday saw Freezone Volleyball club hold a BBQ and Presentation Ceremony for the 2013 calendar.  A quick meet, greet and ‘eat’ session was held at the Sydney Boys High School with  a small BBQ and lunch with beautiful Thai Salads provided by the lovely Jo Wongpitax.  San Huang brought along some chocolates and chips, donating them to the event and James Cai provided shade for all with his massive fold up Gazebo!

The awards for this year were increased in number from previous years along with increased benefits of Free Membership for recipients along with FREE VBNSW Membership to our Premier Awards.

The recipients were:

2013 Best Newcomer and Most Improved – Ophelia Overton

For displaying passion and development of skills as a newcomer to the club and for supporting the ideals of Freezone Volleyball of inclusion , participation and personal best.

2013 Most Improved – Raymond Van Der Zalm

For development of personal skills over the 2013 calendar year, displaying a commitment to continued improvement and team participation

2013 Supporters Award – Kyle Nisonger

For displaying support of the club at all levels, performing at a representative level and participating in functions and promoting the ideals of participation and encouraging tolerance and inclusion of all persons across the broad mix of the club’s identity.

The Executive Awards for this year which include SVNSW membership and Freezone Membership for the year were:-

2013 Best Freezoner Award – Marti Quinit

For outstanding contribution to the club across all levels.  As a player, team member, supporter and promoter of the club at all levels including fundraising and charity events as well as participating at a representative level.  As well as encouraging members across all levels to subscribe and uphold the club ethos of participation, inclusion and personal best.

2013 Most Valuable Player – Jo Wongpitax

For providing a leading presence across all levels of participation within the club.  Being actively involved in encouraging and fostering the good will and nature of the club and with passion and enjoyment across ALL levels of the clubs participants.

2014 President’s Award – Dion Ofa

Awarded by the President for outstanding service to the club across all levels.  This award was given for continuous participation of the clubs activities, including supporting Sponsors Charity events and club participation, as well as participating across all representative levels of the club on a State, National and International scale and promoting the support and enjoyment of all members of the club at whatever level.

2013 Special Award for Outstanding Contribution – James Cai

For service above and beyond the norm.  Awarded for James’ continual monitoring and handling of the Club accounts in the role of Treasurer, ensuring the ongoing fiscal security of the club as well as ensuring that the club benefits from the position of security it enjoys.  James has managed the role of Treasurer with dedicated diligence whilst maintaining the rewards to members and those who play in our various tournaments.

Congratulations to ALL our winners and thanks to all for coming along and supporting the club.

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