Free Mardi Gras Party Tickets!

The 2010 Mardi Gras Festival are looking for interested Freezoners to assist with a social day at Manly beach helping new players enjoy some beach volleyball.

If you are available on Tuesday 2nd March between 2pm and 7pm then you could be partying your butt off FOR FREE at the Mardi Gras Party! Volunteers will be offered FREE TICKETS for their assistance in the days event and also helping to promote Freezone Volleyball during the 2010 Mardi Gras Festival

The day will involve instructing and demonstrating skills, participating in and recruiting people for social games and some refereeing!

Please contact Jason Dixon on 9383 0947 if you can assist. If you need further info email Peter on

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3 Responses to Free Mardi Gras Party Tickets!

  1. Thank you so much Julias, Boonmark, Goh, Nick and Dong. Freezone needs its members to be actively promoting our sport and you have done us all proud.

    You deserve every ticket you have been given, and perhaps our sport will speak loudly for us and pave the way for Mardi Gras and Sport to become more ‘friendly’ rather than fighting for supremacy.

    Looking forward to some great pics, will contact Jason and see if I can get some put up on Facebook. Please tell me if you do not want your picture published on the web.

    El Presidente

  2. Peter says:

    WELL DONE GUYS! Brilliant result for such short notice! Thanks for getting out there and showing Manly what Freezone can do. Trust that eveyone enjoyed the day and will enjoy the party as well – no doubt more shirts will be lifted off for ‘artistic phots’. Excellent job guys!

  3. Julias says:

    Mission Accomplished, Yay !

    Although the sun was hiding behind grey clouds and the breeze was relatively strong, the Beach Volleyball Promo went well.

    We – Boonmark, Nick, Goh, Dong and myself, arrived just before 2.00pm just as Jason C from the Mardi Gras Festival turned up with banners flying.

    A pity that Israel and Alby couldn’t make it to join us because one member of Isra’s crew was absent and Israel had to fill in.

    Jason C set up some Mardi Gras Banners which looked quite glorious and chic on the beach. We put our yellow Freezone Club tops on which were very eye-catching as well, even without the sunshine to reflect off the gold!

    Soon two courts were filled out with about 5 to 6 people on each side, which made about 22 people participating and about a dozen GLBT spectators (one of them, Julias’ friend Martin from Melbourne ) as well as local people passing by who stopped and were watching.

    We played almost non stop, only having short breaks until about 4.30ish.

    Then our official photographer Robyn turned up and started taking shots while we were still playing.

    At her request, we took our Freezone tops off (except the girls who went just to their sportbra ) and bundled up close to either side of the net to have some more ‘artistic’ photo shots, while still softly playing with the ball over the net.

    That was not only fun, but will also make some fabulous pictures according to Robyn.

    Robyn continued taking pictures of Jason and a few others, while the rest of the players made group photos and got acquainted with some overseas visitors. Adyna and Joe from Germany, both good volleyballers who played some time ago, (however Joe is preparing himself to participate in long distance running for GG in Cologne) and also Patricia, a strong player from Switzerland.

    We really had a good time and we got the bonus Free MardiGras Party Tickets 🙂 Yay !

    The event was completed a bit after 5.00 pm which was great as we did not realise how exhausted we were! Playing outdoor on the sand is far more tiring then playing indoor.

    Nevermind, a long shower will make us brand new again 🙂

    Happy MardiGras all !

    Boonmark, Goh, Nick, Dong and Julias.

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