Fair Day 2013

Freezone had a wonderfully successful Fair Day on Sunday 9th February, kicking off the Sydney Mardi Gras and bringing in new members to our club from the Team Sydney Sports Village.  The day was warm and sultry, and that was just the crowd!  Our stall was bedecked in pastels and we had an overflowing accoutrement of flyers, handouts, gifts to giveaway, sunscreen and sumptous stall stewards all in attendance and talking up Freezone.  We had lots of interest and signed up some new members so we will be welcoming them with open arms over the next few weeks.

Thanks to Yumes, Laurent, San Huang, Anthony, Jeffrey, James S, Louis, Kerwen, Trav, and Ross for all attending and helping to keep the stall full of volunteers.

Our display beach volleyball game was a small affair with some very gentle and casual passing and hitting on our made up beach court.  THAT IS – until the Convicts Rugby Union came along and it became a throng of testosterone fuelled slams and spikes with 2 x teams of 6 outdoing each other on who could deliver the most crushing hits.  It was all heads up as huge serves and spikes went pummelling into the unsuspecting crowd and we had to ‘tone it down’ somewhat with the enthusiasm.  However, it was great to have such a strong sense of people wanting to be involved and don’t be too surprised if we get a few large rugby union lads coming along to training – they weren’t shy about having a crack!

Thanks largely to Ethan Carter and his enthusiasm, Freezone actually competed in the TUG-O-WAR this year, with a 4 year absence from the competition. Ethan championed a ‘less than enthusiastic’ group of volleyballers (and associates – read ring ins) onto the rope against the Dragon Boaters from Different Strokes.  It was all fun and frivolity and we were ready to be on the losing end – until we won our first game.  IT WAS THEN ON and tactics and heaving went into it.   We were anchored by the best legs in Freezone (Laurent Auclair) and there was a little hoarse screaming involved as all of a sudden our BUTCH team pulled together. We went up against the Rangers Soccer Club, and gave them a good 3 series bout which they did win, but we did ourselves very proud.   Let’s just say that it was a shame we didn’t come against the Silverbak Wrestling Club with their 100kg heavyweight anchor as we had something ‘special’ planned for that eventuality.

Overall it was a great day and Freezone was well represented and championed along.  Our new banners and new fliers were a hit and so were we – rallying more troops to come along and JUMP UP, JUMP IN.

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