Email sent to members regarding interim VNSW membership and invoicing – 29/3/21.

Hello everyone,

This week, you (excluding Committee and Life members) will receive an invoice from VNSW for their “Gold” membership @ $20  – this is an interim payment until 30/6/21. It is completely VOLUNTARY, so if you do not want to become a member (or renew), then you can just ignore the invoice. However, anyone who plays in any VNSW-affiliated tournaments (such as State Cups, Freezone’s MGM and SF, Manly Cup et cetera) and/or competitions (such as UTS Thursday night social), MUST have their VNSW membership paid up. Gold is the one that most of FZ usually pay for.

Either way, you DO NOT have to do anything on the VNSW or FZ websites regarding any of your memberships – just pay or ignore the invoice.

Once you have paid, the only website(s) that you need to visit to update your details is/are the other club(s) where you participate in their events (such as UTS Volleyball). You will need to register or renew (depending on your circumstances) and choose the following option – “Add Club To Profile – $0.00”.  If you have any issues with that, you will have to contact that club in question, who should be able to help you.

VNSW have kindly done this to align themselves to FZ’s new membership year, so you will be able to renew BOTH memberships (if you so desire) at 30/6/21.

If anyone has any queries regarding this matter, please contact me at this email address, or on the FZ contact pages on Facebook, or  .

Kind regards,


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