Coach Appointed For Training on Sundays

The Committee has appointed Mr. Albert Khaicy to coach members on Sundays.

Albert’s distinguished playing and coaching career spanning more than 40 years in volleyball brings a unique vision and perspective to the club. An accredited coach who maintains a coaching career as a hobby, juggling the ownership of his small business, playing volleyball  and family commitments forces him to be well organised and strategic in his planning of training sessions.

Age and experience have heightened rather than dimmed his passion for increasing the participation in his chosen sport. Just a few minutes with Albert reveals a deeply passionate man who allows his results to endorse his methods.

Freezone is proud to have secured the services of such a distinguished, qualified and skilled coach, and gratefully acknowledge the support of  Elias Tran & Co; Accountants and Business Advisors, whose sponsorship makes this appointment possible.

Over the next few weeks we ask for your patience whilst Albert gets to know us, and we work with him on organisational strategies to work towards his goals.

A Coaching page will be added to the website to record sessions and for members to add their thoughts and comments on this club development.

Wednesday Night Match play is being offered to members who wish to participate for a fee of $5 per person. Albert is keen to encourage players to play at least 2 times per week, and the Club will assist with car pooling where possible. This venue has a single court and Albert and his team look forward to Freezoners joining them on this night.

DetailsRiverwood Community Center 151 Belmore Rd Riverwood NSW 2210

Time 19.30 – 21.30 COST: $5 per person on entry

All abilities welcome: learn, train, become a team. Participate, be included and achieve your personal best. Bring your own ball if you have one.

Interested? Contact Boris To – Teams Coordinator –

The Process the Club Has Undertaken

Julias, Peter, Khit, Darren, Yumi, Amit, Rata, Warrick, James, Jeffrey, Offie, and others too numerous to mention have assisted us in the process of appointing a coach. In summary: following a call to Freezoners to have their say, the Committee:

  • Prepared a Position Description, Grading Guidelines, Letter of Appointment, and Advertisement calling for applicants. Most of these documents are available online: in ABOUT US > Management
  • The coaching position was advertised on ‘Sports Coach,’ in the Sydney Star Observer, to UTS Volleyball Club coaching panel, to all NSWVB Affiliated clubs, and to Freezone Members.
  • Emailed applications were received from 2 candidates, as well as several phone calls and international inquiries. 2 suitably qualified and experienced coaches were interviewed by Julias, Peter and Wally (as other members of the committee were not available due to work commitments).
  • The selection was made unanimously by the interview panel, with the aim of attempting to establish a Coach and Assistant as part of a succession plan.
  • Albert Khaicy will commence on Sunday April 18th, 2010. The Committee expects that the proposed ‘model’ and time frame of coaching sessions will alter to the original plan as Albert sees our Sunday Training in action, and adapts his style to us.


Several club members have indicated to the committee they would like a coach to assist them at training on Sundays. To make this work we need to approach a coach with a Position Description that clearly sets out the aims and objectives of Freezone, as set out in the Constitution.

The Committee is keen to protect the Club’s status as one of Sydney’s premier social volleyball clubs, whilst addressing skill improvement in a professional and cost effective manner that is affordable to all, whether they be students, visitors, or long-standing club members.

We need your input. This is your forum to have your say, please help us develop the Position Description and funding process that best addresses the needs of all.

Add your comments, and please don’t be discouraged by ‘having bad English,’ your comments will be moderated and corrected if necessary prior to publication on our site.

A Draft Position Description will be posted following the Mardi Gras Tournament.

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8 Responses to Coach Appointed For Training on Sundays

  1. Wally says:

    The Coaching Position has now been sponsored for 2010. Coaching will be provided to members in 2 x 1 hour blocks on Sundays.
    Competitive Division – 3.30 – 4.30 pm.
    Recreational Division – 4.30 – 5.30 pm.

    The Position Description will be posted and advertised within 2 – 3 days. The Committee will meet to discuss the appointment details on Sunday March 23rd.

    Thank you to all who have contributed to this project so far.

  2. Pejay says:

    Sorry guys what I meant is, there is differece between a Coach who has never played Volleyball but has just learned from books and a coach who has played the sport, has a lot of experience and has coaching QUALIFICATIONS. That is what you call a COACH WITH PASSION.

  3. The committee is in negotiation with a sponsor to assist in funding this position to ensure the longevity of the project. We hope to a have a draft position description posted for review by the end of the month.
    Negotiations are very postive, the club seems would like to provide access to a Coache’s professional services equally to all members; attempting to make the role ‘revenue neutral’ with any fees paid for coaching services to be retained for coaching purposes / development.

    Thank you members for your commments to date, please keep them coming to assist us making decisions.

  4. volley_partyboy says:

    I think passion is one thing but if Freezone wants to help people be better players, then a real coach is needed.
    We all have passion for the game, but if you don’t have the latest drills and experience then it’s just a waste of our time and money.
    A professional coach, who is qualified and knows their stuff costs a lot of money to hire!
    I agree with Julias, a coach needs to be a qualified expert not just a passionate volleyballer.

  5. Pejay says:

    A great trainer is needed in Freezone. Over the past years, being a member of Freezone Volleyball Club has been a positive and fab experience. I have seen many players who have never played volleyball, also many who have been trained.
    I strongly believe and agree that Freezone needs a coach who is going to build their confidence and push players to the next level.

    There is a difference between a coach who has been studying and a coach who has the passion and loves volleyball.
    I hope that Freeezone takes the time and helps the Volleyball Community and bring a coach for the sake of the players.
    I’m 100% behind this and will support, if Freezone decides to hire one.

    Congratulations to the Freezone Committee with the great work and time they have put into this club. Much love and respect to you all.

  6. Julias Grant says:

    A good coach helps to create positive sporting experience for their athletes. As well as helping people to realise their athletic potential, coaches at all levels must ensure athletes enjoy themselves and continue participating in sports.
    There’s no doubt that coaching can be a tough job.
    Technical knowledge, people management, sports safety and coaching techniques are just a few of the areas coaches need to be “experts” in

    Quoted from : NSW Sport and Recreation.

    Warmest Regards : Julias Grant

  7. Peter says:

    I Believe that the position of coach, should be supported by those who are interested in having funded professional level coaching. The club needs to remain social as much as possible to provide a positive and helpful environment for those wishing to come along and simply play and learn a bit about volleyball.

    In addition, I believe the club has an obligation to provide an avenue for development of skills at a higher level for those who perhaps have longer history with the club or reasonable experience in competitive volleyball.

    With these two points in mind I believe that the coaching could be included alongside the social time of the club by operating on an overlapping system – allowing the social volleyballers their time on the courts, whilst competitive players are warming up or choosing to assist and take part in the social training. Then, moving into competitive time at the end of the session with administered and specific skills development with the professional coach.

    Whilst I believe there may be conjecture regarding the payment system, I do not believe that this coaching should be to the detriment of those who are paying membership fees as social players. These fees are for the financial development OF THE CLUB and not just the benefit of those playing at a higher level.

    I would welcome a small incremental charge in addition to the regular training fees for this level of coaching.

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