AGM 2017

It was a small but dedicated quorum who attended the Freezone AGM on Sunday 8th October where nominations to the board were received for the calendar year 17-18.

The wrap up of the previous years achievements were a glowing affair with membership figures hitting an unprecedented 115 members, our largest ever membership haul.  The club stands in a great position with financial surety and a budget surplus for the year which we look to be investing into new initiatives for the club in the near future.

Much of the success of the 16-17 year can be attributed to the committee who have been consistently serving the club for the last 3 years.  I am happy to report that all excluding one member renominated their positions this year and this consistency of leadership has allowed the club to put plans into place that have ensured the ongoing success and support of the club with ‘hands on deck’ support that ensures operations happen smoothly and the direction of the club is always at the forefront of the committees deliberations.

Re-nominations were received and the Committee for 2017-18 will be made up of:

Executive Members

President:  Peter Furness
Secretary:  Stuart Mackay
Treasurer:  Rafael Montellanos

General Committee

Venue Co-ordinator:  Mark Bennett
Events Officer:  Louis Eudo
Teams Co-ordinator:  Andrew Wilmot
Sponsorship Officer:  unfulfilled

The meeting was also marked with the indication that the current President (Peter Furness) will be resigning at the next AGM in 2018.   With Mdm President having served on the board for 9 years (10  years in September 18) it is time for new blood to take direction of the club and move it forward towards 2020.

The coming weeks will see the new committee continuing to meet as we begin to roll out new changes and directions for the club.  With Gay Games X on the calendar for 2018, the committee will be working towards ensuring the club supports the social interaction and principles of the club alongside our new push for higher talent development, internal recruitment of coaching and ensuring the financial surety of the club moving forward to 2020.

Strategy sessions will be the next item of discussion for the committee as we begin to formulate the direction of the club and put into place a new triple tiered training and development program and bring into play a new coaching staff and positions that will herald new developement of talent and internal recruitment within the ranks of Freezone.

Anyone wishing to nominate or attend committee meetings are most welcome and this can be done by contacting Meetings are held on Fridays at the beginning of each month.

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