This year we are being supported once again by our primary sponsor ACON (Aids Council of NSW). Our primary sponsors have been supporting Freezone for almost 10 years now and the association is continuing this year. In recognition of their ongoing support, Freezone was proud to present one of our recent Gold Medals from the World OUTGames in Antwerp, Belgium to Gavin Prendergast at ACON House in Elizabeth St, to mark the continuing support.

“ACON is proud and happy to sponsor Freezone as you guys are so enthusiastic in getting our message out into the wider community and carrying our ‘safe sex’ and in particular our ‘ENDING HIV’ campaigns” Gavin said.

“Freezone would not be in the current secure position it is if it weren’t for the continuing support of our primary sponsor ACON” club treasurer James Cai said as he handed over the Freezone colours complete with our gold medal triumph.

Carrying the message and getting the campaign out to ALL people is vital if we are to help end HIV. It’s all about education and awareness and Freezone is happy and proud to be carrying that mantle for another 12months into 2014.

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