ACON Pub Drop

Members of Freezone went along in support of our primary sponsor ACON on Friday 8th June to help promote ACON’s latest campaign for ending HIV.

Peter, Jeffrey and Colin all met up at the Colombian on ‘the strip’ to join the posse of other supporters who walked en masse down Oxford St visiting The Midnight Shift, Stonewall, The Oxford Hotel and finally Gay Bar, handing out safe sex packs and merchandise promoting the latest campaign aimed at ENDING HIV via regular testing and protective sex.

The group was a lively gaggle of lads who were all decked out in the ACON TRADIES singlets and ENDING HIV t-shirt merchandise bringing awareness and identity to the message.  There was loads of socialising and greeting of new people both within the group and also with patrons of the bars and clubs.  As the night kicked on, we became the critical mass, making venues such as The Oxford and Gay Bar positively chockers with tradies and patrons.  It was a great way to be social and be part of the fun.  Almost like a mid winter’s FAIR DAY!  And yes, we did brave the cold in our singlets!

Many thanks to Gavin Prendergast from ACON who organised the evening and helped us all along with fan waving and toolboxes to go with our butch outfits.

Keep an eye peeled for more events in the future, this was a great way to support our major sponsor and get across the message that we CAN END HIV if we are vigilant within our community.

Spread the message.

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