Come along to a training or game session on Sundays at the {click to see venue map} Sydney Boys High School – Gymnasium on Cleveland Street Moore Park and meet the friendly crew. The closest intersection is Cleveland Street and Southern Cross Drive (Airport Freeway) The Gym is the first building on the LHS when driving East along Cleveland Street. We think you will have such a good time your first visit to us is FREE!

As a non-profit organization, fees provide direct benefits to Freezone members.

Freezone Volleyball Club Inc. aims to develop a volleyball league to cater for the physical fitness, social and team participation needs of the Sydney gay and lesbian population. We rely on your honesty and participation in training, tournament, and social events to keep our vibrant organization growing.

Emails will keep you up to date with training, competitions, and social events. If you have skills that may be useful to the functioning of the club, please let us know by email: president@freezonevolleyball.org

Why promote a sporting association with a policy of including people, regardless of their religious, sexual, physical, ethnic, intellectual or social standing?

Freezone provides a gay and lesbian friendly environment to meet people in a sports setting, not a pub, bar, sex or dance club. Recreational players are encouraged to maintain fitness whilst having fun playing a game they enjoy.Tournaments during key gay and lesbian festivals provides access to sporting participation for visitors and locals alike.

Links to interstate associations and clubs provides access to play interstate tournaments throughout the year. Sexual preference should not be a barrier to sporting participation in any level at any time.

Links to Volleyball NSW provide information to local tournament. Freezone acts as a vehicle that promotes a socially acceptable activity to discuss with non gay friends and families.

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Mark,

    Come along to this Sunday at Sydney Boys High School, but you must register your details via our events page – https://www.freezonevolleyball.club/events/88657/ . All the information you need will be there. Your first time on a Sunday is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying anything.
    Please read the information carefully as the COVID-19 rules are there as well. The start is 3.45 p.m. and we finish at 6.30p.m. You also need to complete the QR Code registration on behalf of the gym owner as you enter.

    Mark Bennett

  2. Mark Rostron says:


    I’ve played volleyball a bit in the past, and would like to give it a go again. Had to stop for a dodgy shoulder, however that was sorted a couple of years ago and have been going to the gym and (trying to) keep fit in the meantime. Last time I played with an ‘inclusive’ group was in Melbourne about 10 years ago (long time huh…)

    Please let me know the score re Covid etc, and the schedules and I’d love to drop by and say hi.

    Thanks, regards, Mark.

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