2016 Wrap Up

The annual end of year BBQ/Picnic took place in Moore Park on Dec 11th.  Sunny afternoons in the sunshine with the beach net and a small but very indulged group feasted on the massive amounts of food on offer that lasted for hours.  The sun was out and we had a wonderful spot under the trees for the feasting and enjoyment.

The annual awards ceremony was carried out to award those members who have been outstanding in their contributions to the club this year. These awards are awarded to those who may not always be in the limelight but help to make the club even more and better than it already is, contributing their time and energy and also in their general support of the clubs activities.

Premier Awards:  (Free Freezone Membership for 2017)

Best Newbie:  Bilal Kahraman

Bilal has made a valuable and positive impression on the club since arriving at the beginning of 2016.  Since then he has worked consistently to improve his skills and establish himself within training sessions and on court performances in local, state and interstate competitions.

He has competed in numerous teams across many of the usual tournaments and always had a positive and pleasant demeanour, encouraging others to participate and being on hand to help when necessary.

Bilal has achieved numerous successes as part of medalling teams but also maintained many friendships and an encouraging personality on court and now has future events planned for the future.

Most Improved:  Julien Fritz

Julien has sought to always push himself and be developing his on court skills in the training sessions throughout the year.

His participation and commitment in both social and squad trainings have seen him rise from a recreational player to being part of a regular team and able to compete at a higher level in State and Regional compettitions.

Julien is always present, prompt and participates with determination and affection during training sessions.  He has come to develop a most supportive personality on court and always keeps the court happy and smiling

Supporters Award:  Cameron Spikin

Since arriving in Sydney from his native Adelaide, Cameron has become a valued and regular member of the Freezone family.   He always competes with vigour but always in a friendly and encouraging manner.

Cameron has attended training sessions regularly both social and squad and is always encouraging of others to push themselves and also be on hand to help new people when they first arrive at the club.

Cameron has also been most activeand consistent in fundraising events, sponsored events and being visible when a Freezone presence is required for sponsored activities and promoting the club in the wider community.

Prestige Awards:   (Free Freezone Membership and SVNSW Registration for 2017)

Best Freezoner:   Louis Eudo

For displaying huge initiative and being the leading person in social activities and helping to always ensure there are hands on deck to achieve tasks that directly result in financial success for the club.

For initiating team participation and organising teams for random events and tournaments as well as starting up a team to play regularly in State and Interstate tournaments and providing a leader for crews attending international events.

For enthusiasm and participation in all events, promoting, providing support both on the ground and behind the scenes and for always being positive and helping to ensure the daily operations of the club.

Most Valuable Player:   Jensen Yang

Consistently providing support and playing across numerous teams in tournaments throughout the year.

Always performing at the top level and playing at the level of the group and encouraging others to play at their best.

For being supportive and inclusive on court and ensuring teams are able to participate in tourbaments and Freezone is represented  at all times.  Alwys eager and providing positive feedback and comment on team successes.

Presidents Award:    Andrew Wilmot

Andrew has displayed incredible intiative, support and considered effort in ensuring the club has achieved success in its operation this year.  His efforts on the board have helped to shape and mould the club ethos and also kept in check balances and figures to ensure financial success and operation.

Andrew has single handedly managed the registration and online promotion system that has seen the two hosted tournaments for Freezone operate smoothly and with ease.  He has shown great initiative in being the contact person for operations and dealing with all the attendees at this event.

Andrew has also been incredibly attentive in ensuring the social media of the club is always up to date, relevant and is promoting events of the club in a positive light.  His quiet yet committed demeanour has resulted in the club having a concise and professional operations team and ongoing systems to ensure future successes.

Congratulations to all award recipients.  You are a valued member of our community and we congratulate you on your achievements for this year.

Lifetime Membership Award

The committee also recognised the very special commitments of YUMES PHAM-VU who was awarded Lifetime Membership to Freezone in recognition for her trieless service as a committee member, player, supporter and participant in Freezone.  Yumes joins a very special and elite collection of past players, presidents and players who have recieved this honour over the years.  It was remarked upon how much Yumes has been advocating the club since she first came on board in the early Noughties.  We are very honoured to have Yumes still playing and being part of the club.  A very well deserved recognition.

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