Freezone Volleyball hosts its 2nd annual tournament for 2017 on the last day of September.

We will be back at Netball Central in Homebush with 9 courts and 5 divisions.

This year we are sure to sell out so do get your entries in early.

$250 team entry

Mixed/Women’s/Men’s A & B/Recreational Divisions on offer


e: teams@freezonevolleyball.org


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Miami OUTGames … or NOT!

What an interesting few weeks we have had over here in Miami.  It’s been an intense period of time since the World Outgames announced on Friday that the entire Games had been cancelled before the opening Ceremony on Saturday.  As teams were travelling to Miami news began to filter through to ALL competitors that most of the sporting events were being cancelled due to mismanagement of funds by the organising body.  With no word from any official body (including GLISA) it was left to individual sports to rally together and try to scrape together an event out of nothing.

It was a huge credit to both Freezone Volleyball and Melbourne Spikers as the committee members of both clubs instantly stepped up to the mark to try and work towards rescuing the Volleyball event from not happening.  Communication was rapid between the two clubs and Sebastian Delfino, Stuart Mackay and Peter Furness became the force behind ‘how to rescue the volleyball competition’.  Phone calls were going crazy as we were all in transit to Miami and by the time we arrived we had secured the proposed venue, established an online Facebook presence and alternative registration page, been in contact with as many as 20 teams from the original 27 registered for the games, communicated with local organisers in local volleyball leagues in Miami Beach and begun working towards a budget and restoring the competition in it’s entirety. The trio of rescuers were joined by another competitor from Ontario Canada, David Muddiman who stepped up and created a new complete draw with 3 divisions and 4 days of full play that actually had more volleyball for everyone involved.

As we were arriving on the Friday of a long weekend public holiday in Miami we knew this was going to be a challenge.  With dogged determination Stuart, Sebba, David and Pete worked hard to try and source as much support as was possible with local contacts and business individuals coming to the fore and trying in their own way to ensure the games continued to happen.

By the time Sunday rolled around, there were 21 teams interested in joining in the new rogue volleyball competition and we had arranged for a budget of US$40 that would cover the costs of the venue and the operation costs.  The local Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce of Miami Beach were amazing in their support and logistical help in rescuing the tournament along with members of the South Florida Volleyball League and other local community members who had heard about the predicament and literally offered their time and energy to help create an international event.

Sunday 29th we were all meeting everyone for the first time at a local bar on the boulevard at Miami Beach.  Volleyballers from all over the world were coming in and enjoying the ambience and shows of the evening as we collected money and got names and teams registered for our new event.  Tuesday morning saw the players kicking off at the beach tournament which had been organised by another local beach club and then it was onto the University of Miami where we kicked off the Indoor Tournament

On the afternoon of the first day after the first few rounds of play you would never have known that days earlier this event was the cause of much anger and bitter disappointment.  But once the games started, there was happiness abounding in the gym with everyone doing what they had come to Miami to do.

It was such an amazing occurance that the crew from Australia (with our new Canadian Counterpart) had managed to pull off this event and create a good feeling amongst all the competitors who were there to enjoy playing volleyball.  At the end of it all, everyone had played more volleyball than they could handle with tired bodies littering the grounds of the gym as medal playoffs were in progress.  New friendships had been formed and the ‘party’ continued to roll on.

On the playing front Sydney was well represented with 4 teams in the B division and Kee Kum taking out a bronze medal in the Final against the FZ Pistons (yes an all aussie playoff).  In the beach competition there were medals in the C and B grade with Freezone Players taking out all medals in the B grade competition and also the silver medal in the C grade.

At the end of the day, the scene was a triumph of collaboration and commitment to ensuring that sport and cameraderie wins out in the end.  So very proud of the combination of the new Gay Volleyball Australia which saw our 2 clubs banding together to perform a rescue mission.

Now… time for a very well earned repose by a pool!

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Mardi Gras Mixer 2017

Another huge day for Freezone last Saturday as we hosted the annual Mardi Gras Mixer at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Halls across 9 courts of play and a full day of frantic volleyball action.  The event was hugely popular with 34 teams across 5 divisions and a full compliment of all levels of play and some brilliant volleyball on offer.

The Sports Halls Venue as always allows us to do our full catastrophe of organisational skill with catering, sound systems and, raffles and costumes all on offer from 9am – 6:30pm into the evening.  Its never a dull moment in the day and there were some very ‘special’ sights on offer as everyone got into the Mardi Gras Spirit.

With so many games on the cards, it was wonderful to have a supporting crew behind the desk with our committee members Louis Eudo and Rafael Montellanos giving their time and energy throughout the day.  The whole committee was active in running the events and we would like to make special mention to Stuart Mackay and Andrew Harris (along with the entire Pistons Crew) who helped with the lunch service, Jeffrey So for organising the Raffle prizes along with Mark Bennett and Offie Worarat for taking charge of the tickets.  As always the ever endearing Somkhit Jartnoi was out in force with the fruits and assisting with the lunch service as well.

Congratulations to all the teams for competing in a hectic schedule that had nearly everyone playing 5 games throughout the day.  It was very busy with duties and cross court play for 9 hours.  So gladly, everyone had had enough volleyball by the end of the tournament.

Our list below lists our winners and MVP’s.  We look forward to having all our supporters back in October for our annual Spring Fling at Netball Central.


Men’s A Grade
Gold:   Miss Thailand
Silver:   Acers Emerald
Bronze:   Spiked Punch
MVP:  Marie Skelton
Men’s B Grade
Gold:   MFS Pugs
Silver:  Acers
Bronze:   FZ Hornets
MVP:  Fabian Ma
Women’s Grade
Gold:   Acers
Silver:   ASIMS
Bronze:   Outsiders
MVP:   Ella Collins
Mixed A Grade
Gold:   Squish
Silver:   MFS
Bronze:   Hot Beaches
MVP:   Andrew Ko
Mixed B Grade
Gold:   Gundam
Silver:   Meerkats
Bronze:  QF Sonics
MVP:   Tommy Yap
Recreational Grade
Gold:  Yum Cha
Silver:   Acers Opal
Bronze:  Ball Busters
MVP:   Peter McCurdy
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Mardi Gras 2017

As always, Sydney comes alive with the onslaught of parties, events and parades in late Feb/early March.  THe annual Mardi Gras Festival launched on Sunday with the ever fabulous Fair Day taking place, this year returning to its old stomping grounds of Memorial Park in Camperdown.   Freezoine was there in force with our usual brigand of folks and paraphernalia and we had a lovely site in the sports village enjoying the various stalls and craziness that comes with Fair Day.  With teh change in venue we were unable to erect our Lawn Court this year but managed to get a few balls in the air and have some fun on the day.


This year we went electronic with our data sign up and got names and addresses down for our biggest annual membership recruitment for the year.  The day was resplendent in the sunshine and there was a lot of people roaming around and getting their dose of rainbow coloured love and joy.  The club had a measured interest this year owing to our position off the walking track but the volunteers did their best to bring as much ‘attention’ to our stall as possible.  Thanks to Mark, Andrew, Louis, Rafael and Dayle for being our reps and hanging around to bring attention and welcoming smiles to our stall.

Keep an eye out at trainings over the next few weeks as we have lots of eager newbies joining the sessions after our drive.  We hope to bring in some new talent and eager beavers for our 2017 calendar year.

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2017 Launches

The 2017 Volleyball year launched for Freezone on January 13th with the new years training on Sundays kicking off.  Everyone was keen to get going after the summer holidays and we had a healthy contingent taking the courts on our first training.








Of course the big event was the following weekend in Melbourne with the Melbourne Spikers Summer Slam kicking off.  We had 3 full Freezone teams competing with Free Spirit and a mixed team of SS Whites in B Grade and FZ Pistons in A Grade.  It was a wonderful day as always and we had winners all round with Pistons nabbing the Bronze in A Grade and an MVP for Tommy Yap in B Grade.  It was also wonderful to have Aniek Nazagatam joining the SS Whites as special guest star now that she is living in Melbourne.










The new initiative for Freezone this year is a new pricing structure for trainings and the beginning of our new “4 Pass Card” that allows you to buy up to 4 trainigs at a time.  The club has had it’s first price hike ($2.50 per training) in over 10 years as costs have begun to creep up on us.  But the club is in a great position moving into the new Year with 2 trainings on Sundays and Wednesdays in Rockdale (with our super coach Oscar Konakoff).


Our Mardi Gras Mixer event is looking to be a big event and registrations have already begun to flood in.  9 courts and 34 teams this year is the goal and we are looking at selling this event out early in the year.  Get your registrations in and remember that Freezone Members get a special discount for the day.


Be sure to get your membership up to date for 2017 as we are going to be introducting lots more benefits for members including reduced training costs, sponsorships,


pre registrations and discounts for tournaments and access to special events throughout the year.  All memberships can be signed up for online via the website at http://www.freezonevolleyball.org/membership-2


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2016 Wrap Up

The annual end of year BBQ/Picnic took place in Moore Park on Dec 11th.  Sunny afternoons in the sunshine with the beach net and a small but very indulged group feasted on the massive amounts of food on offer that lasted for hours.  The sun was out and we had a wonderful spot under the trees for the feasting and enjoyment.

The annual awards ceremony was carried out to award those members who have been outstanding in their contributions to the club this year. These awards are awarded to those who may not always be in the limelight but help to make the club even more and better than it already is, contributing their time and energy and also in their general support of the clubs activities.

Premier Awards:  (Free Freezone Membership for 2017)

Best Newbie:  Bilal Kahraman

Bilal has made a valuable and positive impression on the club since arriving at the beginning of 2016.  Since then he has worked consistently to improve his skills and establish himself within training sessions and on court performances in local, state and interstate competitions.

He has competed in numerous teams across many of the usual tournaments and always had a positive and pleasant demeanour, encouraging others to participate and being on hand to help when necessary.

Bilal has achieved numerous successes as part of medalling teams but also maintained many friendships and an encouraging personality on court and now has future events planned for the future.

Most Improved:  Julien Fritz

Julien has sought to always push himself and be developing his on court skills in the training sessions throughout the year.

His participation and commitment in both social and squad trainings have seen him rise from a recreational player to being part of a regular team and able to compete at a higher level in State and Regional compettitions.

Julien is always present, prompt and participates with determination and affection during training sessions.  He has come to develop a most supportive personality on court and always keeps the court happy and smiling

Supporters Award:  Cameron Spikin

Since arriving in Sydney from his native Adelaide, Cameron has become a valued and regular member of the Freezone family.   He always competes with vigour but always in a friendly and encouraging manner.

Cameron has attended training sessions regularly both social and squad and is always encouraging of others to push themselves and also be on hand to help new people when they first arrive at the club.

Cameron has also been most activeand consistent in fundraising events, sponsored events and being visible when a Freezone presence is required for sponsored activities and promoting the club in the wider community.

Prestige Awards:   (Free Freezone Membership and SVNSW Registration for 2017)

Best Freezoner:   Louis Eudo

For displaying huge initiative and being the leading person in social activities and helping to always ensure there are hands on deck to achieve tasks that directly result in financial success for the club.

For initiating team participation and organising teams for random events and tournaments as well as starting up a team to play regularly in State and Interstate tournaments and providing a leader for crews attending international events.

For enthusiasm and participation in all events, promoting, providing support both on the ground and behind the scenes and for always being positive and helping to ensure the daily operations of the club.

Most Valuable Player:   Jensen Yang

Consistently providing support and playing across numerous teams in tournaments throughout the year.

Always performing at the top level and playing at the level of the group and encouraging others to play at their best.

For being supportive and inclusive on court and ensuring teams are able to participate in tourbaments and Freezone is represented  at all times.  Alwys eager and providing positive feedback and comment on team successes.

Presidents Award:    Andrew Wilmot

Andrew has displayed incredible intiative, support and considered effort in ensuring the club has achieved success in its operation this year.  His efforts on the board have helped to shape and mould the club ethos and also kept in check balances and figures to ensure financial success and operation.

Andrew has single handedly managed the registration and online promotion system that has seen the two hosted tournaments for Freezone operate smoothly and with ease.  He has shown great initiative in being the contact person for operations and dealing with all the attendees at this event.

Andrew has also been incredibly attentive in ensuring the social media of the club is always up to date, relevant and is promoting events of the club in a positive light.  His quiet yet committed demeanour has resulted in the club having a concise and professional operations team and ongoing systems to ensure future successes.

Congratulations to all award recipients.  You are a valued member of our community and we congratulate you on your achievements for this year.

Lifetime Membership Award

The committee also recognised the very special commitments of YUMES PHAM-VU who was awarded Lifetime Membership to Freezone in recognition for her trieless service as a committee member, player, supporter and participant in Freezone.  Yumes joins a very special and elite collection of past players, presidents and players who have recieved this honour over the years.  It was remarked upon how much Yumes has been advocating the club since she first came on board in the early Noughties.  We are very honoured to have Yumes still playing and being part of the club.  A very well deserved recognition.

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Manly Cup

Another great tournament was hosted at the Warriewood Indoor Sports Centre on the 16th and 17th April with two Freezone teams competing and numerous other members competing in other teams for the Manly Cup 2016.  As usual the competition was of a high level with only Honours and Division 1 level on offer.  The tournament had the largest amount of teams possible in the 4 court venue and play started at 8am on both days to complete the games.  35 teams with 86 games – and only 4 winners!

FZ Pistons and iTeam were on selection in Division 1, with both teams competing across different pools.  The days play opened with tough games for both sides playing early, mid afternoon and late games.  Both teams finished 2nd in their respective pools and had early games the next day with iTeam leaping out of the box to make it into the top group and moving onto finals progressions.  iTeam found their straps on the 2nd day finding cohesion between front and back court play and putting together penetrating, offensive hitting.  Making it through to the top tier and then winning their early morning matches to go into the bronze medal playoff.

FZ Pistons were down to only 6 players due to illness and thus were able to try new and different combinations of play.  It was a great way for the team to give people a chance to play in different positions and try new things.  The team managed to rally really well in their matches though they did come to the conclusion that they weren’t an ‘early start team’.  That being said, they came back on the sunday with the determination to ‘play hard and aggressive’ for the first 10points of the first game and it seemed to work, coming out ahead in the first game.  It’s amazing what a mindset change can do for your skill at 8am on a Sunday morning!  That and lots of coffee.

After a very convincing 2nd day in the pools for iTeam they were through tot the medal finals playoffs for the afternoon session.  They were easily dispatching of their opponenets in the morning matches where everything just ‘came together’ according to Tian Liu captain.  The afternoon saw them progress to the bronze medal playoff against the formidable Sydney North side, a team who have played together consistently and were always going to be difficult to beat.  The first set was all the Sydney North’s way but the second set was a very different matter with close point for point play and iTeam keeping in touch throughout the set. Ultimately, the boys couldn’t quite get the better of their opponents in the afternoon bronze medal final and they went down to 25-27 in a nailbiting finish.

Many thanks to Chris Proffitt and his team at Manly Warringah Volleyball club, another wonderful and successful tournament and we look forward to competing in the new venue next year with more courts on offer at the newly renovated Warringah Indoor Sports Centre.

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One of our local Sydney clubs VOSTOK have begun to make a resurgence with tournament play featuring in the local volleyball scene and last weekend, a bunch of Freezoners went along to play in the 2nd VOSTOK CUP out at the Australian National Sports Centre in Lakemba.  The tournament was a low key affair with a 6 team pool in the men’s division, playing opposite the women at the 2 court venue.

The team from Freezone made up of

various members from our Wednesday Night Squad training and was a great chance for some of our players to play at a slightly higher and competitive level.  Going with the Russion theme, the Volley Stoli’s played 4 games across the day and took our the bronze medal in the men’s division.  Scott Baker, Jensen Yang, Zara Malakool, Adam Rogers, Laurent Auclair, Louis Eudo, Mark Bennett and Mdm President herself took to the court and played heartily against other local teams.

It was a great chance to bring some of our Squad members together and see how well a team that hasn’t played together, does in a competitive environment.  Even against the heavily powered Vostok team, we held our own.  Adam Rogers and Zara Malakool acquitting themselves most adeptly with some brilliant play and fast quick attacking at the net.  Everyone had a good thrash at the game and some great fun points were had with surprising results for some of us.

It was a really grand and wonderful day that allowed us to put into practice the skills and drills that coach Oscar has been working on with the crew on Wednesday nights.  And of course, the chance to get to hang out and enjoy the event socially – even if it was just on the lawns of Rockdales ample grounds.  The hot dogs were definetly worth it and even the coffee wasn’t bad!

Congratulations Stoli’s and here’s to a few more thumping events of really social volleyball and having a crack.

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Lawn Volleyball Pre Season

Been hankering for some pre season volleyball?

Freezone Volleyball will be operating LAWN VOLLEYBALL EVENINGS before the Sunday training session starts on January 17th and before the UTS social season gets underway for 2016.

Where:   Blackwattle Bay Lawns

Date:   Thursday 7th Jan/14th Jan

Time:   6:00pm – 9:00

Cost:    $10.00

Transport:  Bus 431 from Central Station – go to end of the line / Tram towards Dulwich Hill – Stop at Jubilee Park Tram Stop.  Walk north to Lawns.

Teams will comprise of 4 people.  Registration at 6:00pm sharp.  Individuals welcome.  Play until dusk.

Come along and enjoy the balmy summer evenings on our new Lawn/Beach courts.

More information:  president@freezonevolleyball.org

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Freezone Xmas Party and Annual Presentations 2015

December 6th was the last Sunday Training for 2015 and it took place in the glorious summer sunshine at Moore Parklands opposite our usual venue at Sydney Boys High School, with over 40 members arriving to honour the year gone and Freezone’s achievements.

The sun was out, the BBQ was set and the new outdoor nets that we have purchased from Gregor Salvin at www.beachvolleyball.com.au were a treat to have on the day as we prepped ourselves for a wonderful afternoon of sunshine, lawn volleyball, snags and burgers with a few choice beverages on hand.

The Presentation side of things got off to a flying start with a big thank you to the Freezone Committee whose energy and drive were noted and recognised by Mdm President herself.  It was wonderful to have most of the committee on hand to receive the recognition for the work achieved this year.

2015 has taken the club to record heights with our biggest Tournament ever in October, multiple teams in State Cups across mutliple divisions this year, representations at BHV Regional and Sydney Cups, Melbourne Spikers and Good Neighbour Tournaments and even representation at the AVL level.   We have grown in number and begun to incorporate more membership benefits and a wider net of members via interstate connections as well as our regular Wednesday night training sessions with our coach Oscar Konakoff.

It was great to have 2 of our Life Members at the event with Barry Webb and Julias Grant in attendance.  The long history of the club began with Barry and it was an honour to have him on hand to present one of the awards.   Similarly, it was great to have the ‘Grande Dame’ in Julias Grant who still continues to play competitively into his ‘junior years’.  We are very fortunate to have such iconic representations of our history still in touch with the club.

New faces abounded at the social day and it was encouraging to see some faces returning, including some of our international contingent and newer pe0ple who have not been here long, coming and enjoying the frivolities.

The 2015 Premier and Executive Awards were handed out as well with Executive Awards receiving honorary Club Membership as well as SVNSW Membership covered by the club in recognition for contributions and individual achievement.  Our Premier Awards also receive complimentary Club Membership.

Executive Awards
Best Freezoner – Laurent Auclair
Most Valuable Player – Dave Beliveau
Presidents Award – JM Montellano

Premier Awards
Best Newbie – Scott Baker
Most Improved – Mercury J.Bride
Supporters Award – Zara Malakool

And as the year wound to a close, we partied on into the evening and those few left standing did the club proud, tripping the light fantastic at multiple venues in the Sydney Sunday evening glow.

As always, we are grateful and proud to be associated with our primary sponsor ACON who have continued to help fund the club’s activities and show us support in our LGBTQI community.

We are looking forward to the new year with a great excitement with our popular tournaments set to continue, representations at our many tournaments and also many more social activities to get involved with.

We wish all a safe and wonderful festive season and hope that the new year brings you all back to the gym, healthy, wonderfully wistful and eager for more action!

Safe and happy holidays all!

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Marie Skelton in AVL Finals in Melbourne

It’s not too often that we get to brag about Freezone’s Representational accolades but in the closing series of the AVL Women’s Finals in Melbourne last weekend, Freezone’s own Marie Skelton featured in the team from UTSSU representing NSW in the AVL taking on the University Blues from Victoria in the series final on Sunday.  Since returning to Australia from the States, Marie has been active across the volleyball scene in Sydney and has been a face around Freezone, playing mainly with the Studs on Thursday nights but also with the Pistons at away and State Tournaments regularly.  Marie has a healthy 21 years of volleyball experience behind her having played AA level in the United States in her prime and has been a sought after coach and trainer at University level both here in Australia and in the United States.  UTSSU went down to the Blues in a thrilling 5 set final on Sunday afternoon after having been up 2 – 0 in the opening of the final.  Backing up a 5 set game on the previous semi final the day before is always tough at this level and the team did suffer an injury or two in teh opening stages of the final and that proved a tipping point for the team, going down 10/15 in the 5th set.  Its an amazing feat by Marie to be still playing at this level and being so competitive and Freezone is very proud to have the club represented at such a high level of volleyball.  Congratulations Marie and well done UTSSU for a brilliant AVL 2015.

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Good Neighbour 2015

The annual pilgrimage to the nations capital took place over the last weekend in November where 4 teams from Freezone headed along the Hume Highway bound for the 50th Annual Good Neighbour Tournament run by Volleyball ACT.  This 2 day tournament sees play across mutliple divisions and has a huge and healthy following of teams from all around the country.

Freezone was represented in Division 2 with the Pistons, 2 x teams in Division 3 with the Zephyr Studs and Spiked Punch and Freespirit brining up the colours of the club in Division 4.  It was a wonderfully successful tournament for the club with 2 medal winners, Spiked Punch taking out silver in Div3 and Freespirit also getting silver in Div 4.  We had a healthy sprinkling of other Freezone faces amongst some of the other teams competing as well, so the club was ‘out in force’.

The event is a wonderful chance for Freezone teams to cut it with the wider volleyball community of Australia and having the chance to play against all manner of teams from Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and of course NSW and the ACT.  The 50th anniversary tournament was a great achievement of longevity and operating one of Australia’s most popular tournaments on the volleyball calendar.

Play took place across multiple venues, so keeping up with everyone was a manner of lots of texting, messaging and Facebook tagging.  Most teams got to get around and support each other when they were playing with breaks throughout the day giving everyone the chance to check each other’s progress and watch some healthy competition.  Some great games were had and particularly in the finals where Freezone teams were pushed to the limit by opponents and tight games ensued.   This is a tournament of great significance that allows the club to stretch its wings and experience.

It was such a wonderful event to be part of the ‘sisterhood’ that takes the Freezone name and ethos into the community.  Playing against such a variety of other teams and having our profile as a LGBTI club proudly displayed at such a national tournament is a great platform for our goals of bringing tolerance and inclusion into the sporting arena.  Well done and congratulations to ALL our competing teams and players – you certainly did the club very proud.

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Red Ribbon Day

Sat 14th November saw some of the club members helping out with our primary sponsor ACON, in preparation for their upcoming RED RIBBON DAY for World Aids Day on Dec 1st.  The crew decided on an afternoon shift to head on down to Acon House and sit around making the ribbons for Dec 1st.  It was a little bit like an old ladies knitting circle, complete with iced VoVo’s and Mint Slices on the tables.  The crew was a friendly collection of volunteers and even some of the other sporting clubs came along to help.  We were hosted by the wonderful Maria Christodoulou and the crew from ACON, complete with Trivia Goddess Naomi Palmer leading the entertainment as we cut, folded and pinned our way to over 10,000 ribbons ready to sell for Dec 1st.

The club presence was wonderful to see and the appreciation from ACON was evident.  Thanks to our small crew and to the Freezone Board for providing much needed refreshments afterwards for a hard afternoon of craft extravaganza!  Thanks to Scott, Cameron, Anthony, Louis, Laurent, Stuart and Ricardo for your support and for supporting our primary sponsor for their major fundraising drive for the year.  

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Spring Tournament 2015

Oct 3rd was a huge day out at Homebush where over 270+ participants competed across 6 divisions including our first ever All Women’s Draw on a full day of activity that started at 8:30am and went right through til 6:30pm.  It was wonderful to have so much interest in our tournaments as they have continued to grow and expand and this year we crossed a threshold for the first time, taking on extra zones to compete across 11 courts in total!  With so many teams it was something of a logistical rubiks cube but thankfully the day went off without too many hitches and 40 teams competed for medals and placings in Freezones biggest tournament to date.

It was wonderful to welcome our interstate teams from Melbourne Spikers and the ACT Dragons who each brought teams in various divisions.  Many new faces took to the courts and a high level of competition was experienced around the stadium.  Teams that were supposed to be in finals, didn’t quite make it there which is always a good sign that every team had some challenging matches and no-one was assured of an easy run.

With our first ever Women’s Draw, we were so excited to have 6 teams competing including a few new teams from the Blue Bees and Sydney Vostok as well as teams made up from some of our own ranks of the Wednesday night squad and Sunday Trainings.  This was a landmark draw for Freezone and one we hope to continue encouraging and building on.  Thanks to the relentless insistence from Joe Sleiman at Baulkham Hills, it was a great day where the ladies finally got to play on a net that was ‘their height’ and we were thrilled to have our first ever complete womens draw.

The mixed division was very difficult to judge and so a pool approach sorted out our higher level teams against each other in the BB pool and saw some tight matches in the medal playoffs for the B grade pool.  As always our mixed division continues to provide a wonderful opportunity for friends to play with friends and enjoy the cameraderie of a mixed tournament that stands our tournament in such high esteem across the local volleyball community.

It was wonderful to have such staunch support from our local clubs, especially as there are so many tournament on offer now and at this busy time of the year.  So thank you to all the presidents and reps of our local Sydney teams that supported us and helped us achieve the goal of an ever growing tournament experience.

We look forward to 2016 with a renewed determination to provide a similar tournament in October with more courts resulting in more teams playing and more fun filled experiences for our growing family of teams.  Our Mardi Gras Tournament is billed for Feb 27th in light of the recent changes made to the scheduling which will see the famous “Harbour Party” being replaced by a greater number of smaller parties on that weekend.  This will mean our tournament will take place in the middle weekend of the Mardi Gras Festival.  So make sure to bring your glam costumes and dancing shoes, and then have some going out gear to join the part afterwards.

Of course tournaments don’t happen on their own and so I would like to make a special mention to the fabulous Freezone Committee who did a wonderful job assisting and creating a seamless event.  I would like to thank SVNSW, in particular Constantina Ladas for support in securing venue and assisting with set up.  It was great to have such help on the day and support from our State Body.  Also a big thank you to Yuthakarn Chakping, Somkhit Jartnoi, Julias Grant and Offie Chumsuwan for organising the lunch. Louis and Stuart who did a stunning job on the raffle and as always, our wonderful tournament director Bob Konakoff and the wonderful Kirsty Alexander who stepped in to help as Master Scorekeeper.

February 27th is our proposed date for the Mardi Gras Mixer 2016 and places will be limited.  It may not be as big an event but it will definetly have some mardi gras spirit!  We will be looking to make the Spring Fling 2016 just as wonderful an event and hope that you will all come back for more action and fun with Freezone.


Men’s A Grade:

Gold:           ASIMS

Silver          MISS THAILAND

Bronze        FREESPIRIT


Womens Grade

Gold           CON AND THE GIRLS

Silver         DIGGERS


MVP         SUNNY (SALT)

Men’s B Grade:

Gold:         SPIKED PUNCH

Silver        LEGENDS

Bronze      ITCHY BITCHY


Mixed BB Grade:

Gold          TEAM KAN

Silver        QUACK

Bronze      MFS


Mixed B Grade

Gold          VOLLEY VIPERS

Silver        PFC

Bronze      BHV MU

MVP          SUNNY (SALT)

C Grade

Gold            CHAKA MO

Silver          QANTAS SONICS

Bronze        TERRY ANGELS


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Freezone Pandas compete at State Cup Newcastle.

During the weekend of May 9 & 10, Freezone Pandas joined a couple of other Freezone teams in the journey North to Newcastle for the second round of the SVNSW 2015 State Cup series. FZ Pandas were competing in the Men’s Division 2, and was made up up of both some old pandas and some new additions. Most of the team members had been busy training for a few weeks together on Wednesday nights at the Freezone squad training sessions.

It was with some nervous enthusiasm that the team arrived at the Newcastle basketball stadium just after lunch on the Saturday. We were able to see FZ Pistons play a great Div 1 game, and cheer FZ Phoenix in their games as well. There were 4 first timers in our team of 8 who were new  to the State Cup experience. It was exciting to see 5 courts and many top teams in action for the rest of the afternoon before we eventually got to play our first matches of the day at 4pm and then 5pm. FZ Pandas competed strongly in both matches, against  UTS & Newcastle. The scores may not have reflected a win, but FZ Pandas took it up to them, and forcing both teams to fight it out for the win. Mitch Mac was hitting strongly in the first match from the outside position, strongly supported by Mala as the Middle hitter and star blocker. Our setters Khit & Yumi were supplying the balls well in the second match to JM in the outside position and his athletic leaping was winning points and keeping the games alive. He was supported by the middle blocking and hitting of big Willy.  We were able to keep the middle players refreshed by subbing in Cameron for both Mark and Willy.

It was a strong Division 2 with six teams competing in 2 pool and  after a late finish of 615pm on the Saturday, it was time to find our accommodation and get some dinner at the Tillgerry RSL club. There was no chance for any late night drinking or fun, because it would be an early start on Sunday, as our first cross over matches were at 8am and 10am. In the first game FZ Pandas were able to almost take a game off of the Blue Bees team with a score of 23-25 in the first game. We had Offie now joining our team as setter, supported by Khit and Yumi in the universal position. There was some great defending from all players with  Mitch Mac diving all over the court, and Mala blocking like a boss in the middle.

The second match started well, and FZ Pandas winning the first game 25-23, with JM & Mitch Mac attacking well from outside, supported by Mala and big Willy hitting well from the middle. The whole team defended well to keep the points alive. Unfortunately towards the end of this first game, we had to use an extraordinary sub, to replace Offie who was cut on the eyebrow after the net pole fell off after being hit. The second game didn’t start much better, with big Willy having to sub off for Cameron in the first 5 minutes after tearing a muscle in his upper arm when going for an outstretched dig. Offie was able to return as our libero player and the game play settled down into a regular rhythm. It was a close second game but the mojo of the first game was lost and  in the final scores FZ Pandas lost this match on points count back.

In the end, it was a fun tournament, with some great game play from FZ Pandas across the weekend. We may not have come away with a medal, but we certainly showed some great team effort in the matches we played that made our  opponents (mostly younger and fitter) dig deep in the matches that we played against them.

Andrew Wilmot.

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UTS Social Volleyball are introducing a two day tournament at Sydney Boys High School on 5th/6th June.

If you aren’t coming to Melbourne to play in the Winter Whack, do think about putting a team together for this tournament.

Find the tournament information pack here – UTS CUP – Tournament Information

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Manly Cup

The Manly Cup run by Manly Warringah Volleyball Club was held at Warriewood Indoor Sports Stadium on the 11th/12th April and Freezone was represented in Div1 by the FZ Pistons.

Division 1 and Honours Level were on offer in both Men’s and Women’s grades and there was a healthy collection of 16 teams in the Mens Div 1 pool.  The Pistons pulled together a number of new players from our Wednesday night Training including Jeffrey Montellano in his first competition as a freezoner and even included Oscar Konakoff playing for Freezone!  Our Wednesday night coach had everyone quaking as he worked hard on his serving and spiking to add some ‘muscle’ alongside our huge hitter from Cyprus, Lenos Yiannou.  This gave the team so real depth in the front court and rallied some of our older stalwarts into action.

Having ‘subs’ was something new for the team and it did take some getting used to.  But the Pistons did well on the first day coming out in straight sets victory over USYD and Air Swings.  The Sunday saw our real test with our final pool play off against UNSW.  Owing to the number of entries, a team had to finish on top of the pool to have a chance of advancing to the medal play offs.  The Pistons were up against a very experienced team from UNSW and it was a tight match at 8am!

Pistons took the first set 25/22 in what was possibly a small surprise.  The blocking and defensive work of the Pistons really saw them in good form along with some really strong serving.  The second set saw the the Black and Golds rally and begin to attack more deftly through the middle.  In the end it was a few reception errors and some missed serves that came down to it and UNSW won the set 25/19.  As there was less than 2 min left to play, the match ended in a draw.   Pistons really needed to win the match outright to go through to the medals.  On Point count back it came down to 3 points 47/44 that saw UNSW advance through to the medal round.

The Pistons has one more match against ASIMS which was a combination of Vostok players and some of the familiar boys from Western Sydney.  Pistons were on the back foot from the get go in the first set and really needed to step it up from a 25/14 crushing.  The 2nd set saw a change in tactic and running a few more middle attacks.  It was a much close set but once again our serving let us down in the end as we lost bey 3 points, 25/22 to the ASIMS.  There was some pride restored with a 13/9 victory in the third on the buzzer.

It was great for Pistons to play competitively at that Div 1 level, a level that the team has tried to compete at before and come close.  The great thing was having the coach on court who admitted that the experience was worth it to take the lessons back to our Wednesday night social training and work on elements of the game that we were missing.   But it was a great 2 day tournament and important one for the team to get under its belt as we worked towards gearing up for the State Cups coming up in May.

Kaiata also fielded a team in the Men’s Div 1 pools and did make it through to the finals.  A very tight qualifier for the Gold Medal playoff against Rockdale Legends came down to a ‘golden point’ at the end of time.  Even sets and locked at 11/11 the two teams had gone point for point for much of the match with some exceptional defence from both teams, Seul Gi Lee standing out as the ‘blocking wall’ for Kaiata.  The final point only had one attack with Legends going to their no.3 Outside hitter and winning the point and advancing to the final.  Kaiata re-grouped and managed to take out the Bronze medal later in the day.  Congratulations boys.

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State Cup#1 – Central Coast

The SVNSW State Cup Series kicked off recently over the 28th/29th March at Scholastic Sports Stadium, Terrigal with Freezone being represented by FZ Phoenix in Division 2 and coming up trumps with a Gold Medal.

Sporting a somewhat ‘retro’ look with the red and white uniform of old, the boys formed the base from the Spiked Punch team along with a few new recruits of Offie Worarat and Lenos Yiannou. It was a stellar performance over the course of the two days with the lads not dropping a single set to get through to the gold medal playoff on the Sunday. They came up against a very youthful and very invigorated and rather numerous UTS group in Div 2 and acquitted themselves with great aplomb securing a straight sets victory in the final.

Marti Quinit was as effusive as always rallying the team and bringing about the plays as setter and chief cheerleader! Justin St Pierre along with Yiannou dominated the outside and the team had a very strong middle attach with Lionel Petersen and a newly invigorated and return to form Dion Hastie leaping about after his recent injury. The 6 men had no subs to oppose the ‘battalions’ of youth that faced them in the final, but they were comfortable for most of the match, although there were some great hits coming from one or two of the boys on the other side.

It was great to watch Freezone once again holding its own in the State Cup series and making its presence felt. We are proud to be competing in this state competition and promoting our club as a real presence in the SVNSW community, continuing to play and promote our ideals of participation and inclusion, whilst being fabulous within it.  Congratulations to all the boys and we look forward to having more teams participate in the Newcastle State Cup in May.

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BHV Regional Cup – Bathurst

FZ Pistons represented Freezone at the Baulkham Hills Regional Cup in Bathurst on the 21st March, with a Gold Medal performance!  It was an early start to a full day of volleyball at the Bathurst Basketball Stadium and a not so warm morning saw the Pistons clutching at the hoodies at 8am.  But we must have been early preparations as we were the first people in the venue!  We even got there before Joe Sleiman!

5 games in total saw Pistons win most of their matches in straight sets, playing a local Bathurst Team, the BHV Colts and another local team from Kelso.  Interestingly enough, we came up against a somewhat different line up in the Kelso team than they had earlier in the day, with some Honours players making an appearance against us in the match.  New recruit Lenos Yiannou quickly established his presence as the star player serving with incredible accuracy and even becoming something of a target in the Kelso attack!  Fellow recruit from Chicago Kurt Boden made an impact running impressive ‘slide hits’ from the right side and penetrating the defense alongside a perfect 100% serving rate for the day!

The final against the much younger BHV COLTS team (despite the stacked Kelso team losing their path to the final) was a tighter affair than what we had anticipated, perhaps age getting the better of the more senior members of the Pistons.  The pool game against the Colts was nowhere near a walkover so the team had to perform well in order to take the match.  With Rafael Montellanos running great ‘tooling’ hits from the right side, alongside a solid middle attach with Laurent Auclair and Kurt Boden teaming well with hits, the Pistons stayed in front for much of the 2nd set and kept their cool to come out victors.

It was great for Freezone to be helping promote the Regional Cup run by BHV which takes Volleyball to the Regional centres of NSW and encourages participation of all the clubs around NSW in a high level of competition and exposure for the sport in the community.  Pistons had a great day and are proud to support this initiative and getting our club out into the wider sporting community, competing and promoting LGBTI sport.

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Mardi Gras Tournament 2015

February 21 saw Freezone host its annual Mardi Gras Volleyball Tournament at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Halls.

A big thank you from the committee at Freezone Volleyball for the attendance and patronage at our recent Mardi Gras Tournament.  The day was a large event with 28 teams competing across 5 divisions and there was lots of great volleyball action as well as fun team play on the sides as well.

The committee is grateful for all the clubs and teams who participated, including those who travelled from interstate and even some players from overseas.  To our Melbourne sisters and our new friends in Canberra, thank you.  We really appreciate the efforts that people go to to be part of our events and hope that the day delivered an event worthy of your efforts.

A large thank you to Chris Proffitt from Manly Warringah Volleyball for his assistance and support with the draw and being on the end of the phone at all hours of the day.  Likewise a thank you to Joe Sleiman at Baulkham Hills Volleyball for his support and fielding 3 teams of players.  It’s so wonderful to have our local volleyball clubs attending and supporting our events.

Thanks must also go to Bob Konakoff (Tournament Director) and Janita Baldwin (Master Scorer) for working consistently throughout the day and making the day a calculated success.  The power duo at the helm really does allow the day to run smoothly and we wouldn’t be able to have such fun without the leadership that the management team show.  We are incredibly grateful for your experience and professionalism in running the tournament.

It was great to have a whole division of beginners in our C grade section with 6 teams in total, offering first timers in tournament play a great crack at the experience.  As always, it was wonderful to see our Mixed Divisions packed to capacity and competing across two divisions making our Mixed Section one of the most popular in the State.  The two mens divisions provided plenty of competitive volleyball and exciting finals ensured late into the afternoon.

RESULTS: C Grade Mixed:                      B Grade Mixed:                     B Grade Mens

GOLD:              Lip Sip Suck                              DRSXFY                                     SPIKEAROOS

SILVER:      Don’t 4Get 2 Duck                    FAT BALLERS                            PHOENIX SPIRIT

BRONZE:              WTF                                     BOUNCE                                 QANTAS SONICS

MVP:              Adam Lofthouse (WTF)    Lawrence Duong (DRSXFY)     Dominic Niumata (QOC)

RESULTS: A Grade Mixed                       A Grade Mens

GOLD:        SS DIVA ALL STARS                    LEGENDS

SILVER:     PORK KATSUDON                        KAIATA


MVP:           Greg Webb (ZS)                         Ponlasit Waewask (KAI)

Our next event will be on the long weekend in October 3rd 2015 where will we be hosting the Spring Tournament.  We are hiring an extra zone so will have 9 courts in total.  We do hope to make the tournament program a little more lengthy in terms of games and court time to allow for full matches to be played out.  This is the first time that Freezone will be expanding to this level so we do hope that you will continue to support and enjoy the event that we put on.

Please take a moment to fill in our online survey so we can create the best tournament possible.  Feedback is always important to making sure we prioritise what you would like to have more of.


As always, the event cannot happen without assistance so large thank you’s to our sponsors ACON and our Primary Tournament Sponsor TEAMM8 for their continued support of the club.  Also thanks to individuals, Jo Wongpitax and Julias Grant for organising the lunch and fruits along with the committee (Andrew Wilmott, Offie Chumsuwan, James Cai) who put in hours of preparation and time to ensure the event was a success.

Keep your eyes on the website and Facebook page and we look forward to seeing you in October.

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