Blind Volleyball – Local Gay Games Tribute

Many thanks to Albert and the many regulars who made this a very eventful day. Four teams participated in a round robin format in our Blind Volleyball Tournament.

To participate in blind volleyball members and guests did not have to go out the night before and drink too much. Nor did they have to be visually impaired. The nets were blacked out, covering a 1.5 m area in black plastic.

The beauty of this game is that it focussed players skills on some very basics: playing low over the net for the serve, and keeping sets low and direct. Faster plays are more difficult to read, and correct positioning was necessary to block spikes. Not everyone’s favourite sport, as Freezoners are obsessed with what is happening on both sides of the court; with a focus on what happens on the ‘other’ team rather than on one’s own.

For those of us too poor, too busy, too badly organised or participating in too many holidays in 2010 already to get to the Cologne Gay Games, it was great to enjoy our own celebration. It was a good time to reflect and announce results of teams and players who were able to go, and to encourage members to pass on their thoughts via the Freezone News blog or Freezone Facebook Group.

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