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Peter Furness


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Former professional contemporary dancer now full time remedial therapist and business owner; Peter comes from a varied background in sports and Performing Arts.

Pete first came to Freezone after retiring from his performing career and having returned from London.  Fresh to Sydney and wondering what to do with all this spare time, Peter found Freezone and hasn’t looked back since.  Starting out with Safe Sets White and then moving through to FreeSpirit, The Zephyrs and others, he has played in numerous Sydney tournaments, including State Cups, Freezone Mardi Gras and Spring Tournaments, World Masters (2009) and interstate in Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne.

Peter was a proud member of Freezone’s STUDS, playing in the 2010 Cologne Gay Games, where his passion for team spirit was ignited.  After this, Peter passionately began attending numerous events and creating teams such as The Pandas and FZ Phoenix competing in the Wellington Outgames in 2011, the World Outgames in 2013 in Antwerp, the Darwin Regional Outgames in 2014 as the FZ Pistons and most recently his 2nd Gay Games in Cleveland as part of the MeccaMen.  He has also represented Freezone in numerous local, interstate and national level competitions.

Peter’s passion for Freezone is all about providing a community focused environment, where people from all backgrounds can come and experience the sport, the friendships and the camaraderie, whilst still continuing to excel physically, emotionally and at a personal best.  He also feels very strongly about building strong team dynamics and encouraging teams to play as one and party together as well.

Peter first came to the Committee as Venue Co-Ordinator in October 2009 and after a short hiatus and having worked with 2 Presidents, took up his current role in 2014.

‘Freezone changed my life in Sydney, and I hope to keep the club creating life lasting friendships and avenues for self development, fun and integration’



Felix Eistrup


Felix hails originally from Brazil where he was first introduced to volleyball.  Felix comes from a background in nursing and moved to Sydney after spending time around various city locations in Australia including Brisbane, Darwin and Far North Queensland.

Felix has always been a passionate team player and has been a welcome addition to the club since moving to Sydney in late 2016.  Felix has played all over Australia with mixed teams and always with a smiling happy albeit cheeky face.

Felix has been part of the newly formed State Squad for Freezone and has represented the club across the state.  He plans to attend the Gay Games X in Paris in 2018 and take his representative accolades to the international stage.

Felix was appointed Secretary in March 2018.


Rafael Montellanos


Rafael has been a member of Freezone since January 2006 having arrived in Australia from Lima, Peru.  Rafael had a wealth of volleyball experience from South America and has notched up a whopping 27 years of on court experience.  Originally a setter, Rafael has played in a variety of positions including an outside hitter, but his off court team ‘entertainment’ antics keep everyone amused and hysterical on court.  Rafael’s representative credits for Freezone go all the way back to the first Asia Pacific Regional Outgames in 2008 in Melbourne and he has continued to compete at the consequent world events in 2011 and 2014.  Indeed his experience at the Darwin Outgames in 2014 are one of Rafael’s highlights where he found a great kinship with his team, living in an apartment together and sharing not only a passion for volleyball, but a ‘fraternal love for each other’ and a kinship that is the closest thing to family that you can find in a land away from your homeland.

This fuels Rafael’s vision for Freezone, along with his belief in acceptance and and diversity of the club.  A place where you can kindle your passion for volleyball but where people from all walks of life can find acceptance and tolerance to be who they are without fear of ridicule or prejudice.  “Freezone has given me brothers and sisters, as well as keeping alive my passion for volleyball and acceptance amongst people I value”

Rafael has played across many teams within the Freezone banner as well as for other clubs (Legends and Kaiata) in the Sydney area.  His credits include many interstate and state medals in top divisions.  He is a regular on the Pistons team but also has ties to iTeam and FreeSpirit, both long standing teams within the club history.

Rafael joined the board in July 2015 as Treasurer and his background and career in accounting serves the club greatly as it’s chief financial officer.

Rafael hopes that Freezone can become an even greater club in the future and build on the fine traditions that it has upheld to this point.

“I want Freezone to be a powerful club, open to everyone where people can feel accepted and also improve their volleyball skills to a competitive level”


Andrew Wilmot


Andrew first came to Freezone officially in 2013 when he moved to Sydney from Adelaide, South Australia.  Andrew has had a long association with Adelaide Spikers and was involved in the running of the club there for many years, hosting the annual Parri Estate FEAST Festival Tournament and collating scoring sheets and draws for the club.

Since arriving in Sydney “Big Willy” has become a great presence in the club, and particularly as part of the ‘Pandas’ Team, travelling to Melbourne and earning medal placings in tournaments there in 2013 with the Pandas and also at State level in the State Cup series here in NSW.  He has been an avid supporter of teams and been a great asset to the teams he has participated in.  He still maintains a strong relationship with Adelaide Spikers and assists with their tournaments still.

Andrew came to the Freezone Committee in October 2014 and since then has been an incredible asset in helping to place individuals into teams, and getting more people on the court in tournaments.  His passion for helping others sees him in the perfect position as Teams Co-ordinator and his assistance in the promotion of the club in social media and in co-ordinating tournament information is greatly valued.

Marketing and Sponsorship Officer 

Mark Bennett


“Mala” first began his Freezone assocation way back in 2005 and has represented with great veracity and volume across ALL levels of play in the social and competitive volleyball community.   Mark has long been a valued member of the club and has been a social tour de force for members both new and old.  Hailing from Port Macquarie, Mark has reignited his volleyball passion from when he was a teenager in rural NSW and now boasts a healthy collection of teams representations and distinguished interstate and international experience.

Mark has always been the leader of the dancing pack on and off the court. Always encouraging others to participate in the healthy cameraderie of volleyball and the wider implications of the club.

Mark has represented Freezone at numerous events and tournaments over Austraila and including the World Regional Outgames in New Zealand in 2012. He has played on a number of teams and been at the forefront of helping to co-ordinate players and teams in tournaments both locally and interstate.

His Committee obligations have seen him serve as both Social Co-Ordinator, Venue Co-ordinator and Secretary since he joined the club and he has always been avidly involved in welcoming new players to the club and getting people involved in their initial experiences with our social training.  Mark has contributed greatly to the committee and the success of Freezone over the last 12 years.

Hard to miss – Mark is often the first person you will see (or hear) on the court and is an avid advocate for what Freezone provides to it’s members.

Events Co-Ordinator

Louis Eudo


‘LOU LOU’ is our iconic Frenchman of the club and has been bringing his unique joi de vivre to the courts of Freezone since March 2008.  Thoughquiet and demure (in a way) off the court, Louis makes his presence on court felt uniquely with his Gallic accents and exclamations when going for a hard pass or set.  Originally from St Doulchard in central France, Louis has been playing volleyball since 1996.  He is also our resident ‘BEARS CONNECTION’ being very active in the Harbour City Bears and their events throughout the year.

Louis’ representative career started out with Safe Sets White as so many of us did, learning and honing his skills before moving onto the Pandas and Pistons and playing in tournaments all over the state, including State Cup, as well as numerous Melbourne and Adelaide tournaments.  His most noted tournaments were the Wellington Asia Pacific Regional Outgames in 2010 and then his most treasured volleyball experience, Gay Games 9 in Cleveland Ohio where Louis played with a team of both Australians and Americans and had ‘the most amazing experience of my life so far’.

Louis is a long advocate of the values of Freezone, supporting the ideals of an accepting environment that allows people to not only be who they are, but also to discover who they are.  Arriving in Australia, Louis felt that the club provided him with exactly what he needed, a place to meet people and interact socially as well as in a comfortable sporting environment, as well as providing a ‘decent level of volleyball’.  He hopes to facilitate a club that keeps  welcoming people regardless of sexuality, gender or origin whilst providing the best volleyball and training possible.

Louis joined the board as Events Co-ordinator in September 2015.

This club has been and continues to be a huge part of my life, and I hope to continue the good work of promoting it’s welcoming attitude and pursuit of personal best”



‘KHIT’ is our resident elder of the club.  Khit has been a featured member of the club board since 2006.  His depth of volleyball experience and prowess serves as an inspiration to all who come through the club.  Khit is a long term connection with the history of the club that has depth back to before the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney.  Hailing from Thailand, he has been at the forefront of bridging cultural connections, getting people to come along to the club and to being active in the community at large.  His ability to communicate with everyone and be a smiling presence is a hugely valued and honoured presence for our club regulars and there isn’t much that Khit hasn’t seen and done with volleyball.  Still playing competitively into his years, Khit’s vigour and talent is inspiring for all.  He has brought whole teams into the fold of the club and is always there to help new people when they first turn up to the Sunday Training sessions.

Khit was awarded LIFE MEMBERSHIP to the club in 2007 in recognition for his outstanding work in bringing leadership, understanding and community passion to the club.  He has continued to serve on the board as an advisor, general officer and mentor for the past 11 years.


Stuart has been playing volleyball for 11 years now since moving to Australia from his native United Kingdom.  Beginning at Baulkham Hills Volleyball Club, Stuart found form quickly in the Representative Men’s Team for 5 consecutive seasons, captaining the team at State and National level.  Stuart went on to become a passionate Referee, sitting his state level indoor as well as participating in the National Level outdoor course.

Stuart came to Freezone in 2014 as part of the Freezone team competing at the 3rd Asia Pacific OUTGames in Darwin,  Northern Territory where he was part of the Gold Medal winning team.  Since then, Stuart has been an avid member of the club, participating in local, state and interstate competitions under the Freezone banner.

In 2014, Stuart was awarded the Best Freezone Supporter Award for his continued support of the club and it’s affiliates in community events, promotional endeavours and in sourcing Sponsorship and support at Freezone events.  His natural leadership qualities see him instilling a supportive and instructive presence in the club and at trainings and events all over the state.  He has achieved regular recognition at interstate tournaments, national tournaments and is currently seeking admission to the board of SVNSW.

Stuarts business prowess is impressive with a CV as a Managing Director of 6 companies spanning across the Construction, Maintenance, Training and HR sectors, including being on the Board of Directors of the Hawkesbury Chamber of Commerce.

Stuart served as Secretary on the Freezone Board appointed in April 2015 and in 2018 has stepped back from his executive position to concentrate on helping the club to secure a new onward progression.  Stuart is also Secretary of SVNSW and represents the State as a Lead Coach for the under 15’s State Girls team.

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