Freezone Volleyball could not function or survive without the assistance of our sponsors. Each sponsor fulfills a different role in meeting our Constitutional Objectives.

Primary Sponsor

ACON have been supporting Freezone for over 11 years.  We have a close and empowering relationship with our wonderful pimary sponsor who recognise the importance of preventative healthcare for our LGBTQI community.  Freezone is proud to promote the campaigns and awareness of proactive and supportive healthcare, community work and assistance programs that are so valuable to so many in our community.

Tournament Sponsors

STRUDDYS SPORTS have had a liong association with Freezone first decking out our team in 2013.  Struddys provide great gear with fit looks and a sweet price-tag.  In 2018, Struddys came on board as official Uniform Supplier to Freezone.  Freezone Members enjoy exclusive discount rates to Struddys gear and enjoy the clothing every year included in our membership.

Volleyballshop.com.au Gregor and his team have been long time supporters of Freezone and it is wonderful to finally have an online local shop in NSW that supplies volleyball equipment to the Sydney community.  The site offers competitive prices and an ever growing range of footwear, volleyballs, indoor and outdoor volleyball equipment.


Mecca Espresso has been supporting Freezone since 2010.  Not only are they great supporters but they have the reputation of being amongst the principle producers of quality coffee in Sydney since 2005.  Mecca always support our tournaments and have 3 times been “team sponsor” of teams at the Gay Games and World Outgames.


Taylors Wines are a newfound supporter of Freezone coming on board for our Mardi Gras Mixer in 2018.  Taylors have over 3 generations of family winemaking and are an iconic pioneer of the Australian Wine Industry

GLEBE OFFICEWORKS are the most wonderful bunch of people and the staff there are friendly helpful and always go out of their way to make everything just easy.  They came on board as Freezone supporters in 2018


Freezone gratefully acknowledges the support of the UTS UNION in providing a physically safe and friendly training venue and excellent supervisors on a weekly basis.

Freezone is affiliated with Team Sydney and Volleyball NSW who have strongly supported the establishment and promotion of Freezone as a member club, including its events and tournaments.

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